Where did cocaine originate from?

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It comes from grinding up the powder that comes from coca leaves. Not to be confused with cocoa leaves. There you go. Hope that answers your question.
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Who originally performed the song 'Cocaine'?

"Cocaine" Song Eric Clapton has done the best known song with the title "Cocaine." But, other artists have also written songs by that name. For example, in the late 70's - J.J. Cale too. ACTUALLY, J.J. Cale was the original writer. Clapton ripped off alot of his songs I might have to agree here ( Full Answer )

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is not addictive but it is very harmful and can lead tosevere nose bleeds. It's a class A illegal drug and being caughtusing it can result in severe consequences.

What is in cocaine?

Answer . COCAINE is made by processing the COCA PLANT, native to the Andes, South America. Local people have been known to chew on the leaves for their STIMULANT properties. Cocaine is a narcotic, bitter crystalline alkaloid. Chemical composition: C17H21NO4.. When you buy cocaine, it is usually ( Full Answer )

What does cocaine do to you?

Regular Cocaine hydrochloride, also known as powder Cocaine is afine, white powder of crystalline consistency. It is a short actingstimulants which can be snorted or injected and causes euphoria,stimulation, it suppresses appetite and sleep, increases heartrate, constricts blood vessels and raises b ( Full Answer )

Who invented cocaine?

"While cocaine has been used for 5000 years, the actual alkaloid was first discovered (not invented) in 1850 by Albert Niemann." This is in fact is true, but does not indicate that Nieman, was not, in fact the creator of this drug. He did, in fact, cultivate this drug and as a direct result of ( Full Answer )

Why is cocaine from Colombia?

Cocaine comes from the leaves of the coca plant. The coca plant is native to north-western South America -- that is where Columbia is. Yes this is true, but due to political and policing issues, Colombia is a lost country and every other produce grown has next to no value, harvesting coca and maki ( Full Answer )

What are the ingredients in cocaine?

the ingridients are salt sugar a little bleach and some koolaid maybe a little fruit in there to and you cant make it with out tomoatoes and smartess

Is there cocaine in Adderall?

No. Adderall is composed of two dextroamphetamine salts and a racemic mixture of amphetamine salts.

Crack cocaine back into cocaine'?

lol im not telling you. how about this...google and find out whether crack is a salt or a base, and then find out how to turn bases into salts, and salts into bases.

How you do cocaine?

well you shouldn't need to know that question because it is illegal so if you don't want to go to jail take my advice and don't use it. dah

How do you get cocaine and crack cocaine out of your system?

Urinate frequently, also shower frequently this is will make yousweat out the toxins from your pores. If you have been flushing your system with water you will want touse a baby wipe and cleanse your genitals to wipe away any toxinsthat may have remained after wiping from peeing. If you can jog go f ( Full Answer )

Can you look at cocaine and know if it is cocaine?

Unless it's analytically tested in a laboratory, you can't know for shure. Cocaine is always cut by dealers to increase their profit, and although harmfull adulterants such as strychnine and rat poison have been proven to be urban myths, Cocaine being cut with a wide range of less harmful substances ( Full Answer )

Can you smoke cocaine?

Yes. This is also known as freebasing or crack cocaine. Most users mix baking powder as a medium and smoke off or out of aluminum cans or surfaces such as tin foil.

Where to get cocaine?

Look for a building that says "Police" on it. Walk into the building and ask the nice chap at the desk for some cocaine. He may also let you see a shiny pair of bracelets and give you a free room for the night!

What are the symptoms of cocaine?

SHORT TERM - Increased energy - Decreased appetite - Mental alertness - Increased heart rate - Increased blood pressure - Constricted blood vessels - Increased temperature - Dilated pupils LONG TERM - Irritability - Mood disturbances - Restlessness - Paranoia - Auditory hallucinations

How To Make Cocaine?

Cocaine is derived from the coca plant, the same plant that produces chocolate. From the coca plant, a powder is produced, forming cocaine in its purest form.

What is a cocaine addict?

A cocaine addict is somebody who cannot do without cocaine. They have to have it regularly otherwise they will become lethargic and suicidally depressed. However, there are no physical withdrawal symptoms, because cocaine is not physically addictive. Rather, it is chemically addictive, meaning, yo ( Full Answer )

What drugs have cocaine in them?

Illegal drugs: Cocaine is a drug in itself, so most street drugs don't have cocaine in them, which is sold on its own. If people cut other drugs into pills, for instance, they aren't likely to put cocaine into the pill because it is much more expensive than others and they could get a better price f ( Full Answer )

Why is cocaine not good for you?

because it can mess up your nose if u snort it and also it can make you do things that u cannot remember .

How can cocaine harm you?

raise your heart rate and mess with your mind-mania and depression and kills your appetite and very addictive stimulant it ruined a friend of mines life and nose

Where did cocain come from?

the white man put loads of it in a train pushed it in to the projects and make people kill and fight over it.

What does cocaine do to the mind?

cocain can cause you to do stupid things that can make you act crazy and it can damage your brain and give you amnesia

What is Cocaine that is smoked?

Cocaine that is smoked is known as crack cocaine, which are hard crystallised rocks, whereas cocaine produced to be snorted is a white, brown or off-white powder.

Do you get headaches from cocaine?

Cocaine is an extremely addictive drug that can lead to dependence and cause withdrawls upon it cessation of use. It is possible that cocaine can cause a headaches after the 'high' has worn off.

Where will you get cocaine?

Usually a dealer... Just ask around at school.. the further a kid's pants are sagging down his knees, the better chance he has it and won't rat you out for asking.

Is crack cocaine and cocaine different?

\nBoth are cocaine. Crack is a type of cocaine that is processed in a certain way to make it smokable, but crack is still cocaine.

Was cocaine in the original coke?

yes the cocoa plant is still used in the making of coke today but the active ingridient is taken out

Where did crack cocaine originate from?

In the 1800s, cocaine was first derived from the coca plant found in South America, particularly in the Andean Ridge. Crack cocaine is a form of cocaine that is smoked. Most likely introduced by drug traffickers from South America, crack cocaine first appeared in the United States in the 1980s.

Where do you get cocaine?

Most of the worlds cocaine is refined in Columbia, from coca bushesgrown on massive plantations, then is trafficked and sold illegallyon the streets around the world. Or you can buy it online at enjoycoca.ga

What can you do when you are on cocaine?

The best thing to do is stay home or away from people. You could easily get in trouble, perform illegal activities (in most places, cocaine is already illegal), and possibly kill yourself.

Why is cocaine used?

Cocaine is one narcotic that still has some medicinal applications. It is often used for both nose and eye surgery, because of its numbing affect. It is still a popular recreational drug although it has lost alot of its appeal due to cost and the relatively short term of its effects. To the best of ( Full Answer )

Where is cocaine and crack cocaine made?

cocaine comes from the cocoa plant found in the Andes mountains in south America. in its original form it is a naturally occurring plant which local indigineous peoples frequently chew for it's mild anesthetic effect. the processing of the plant starts in the forests of south America and continues r ( Full Answer )

How do you repress cocaine?

This is from knowledge from my friend who did 6 years in prison* You will need acetone, and some how to press it, the easiest way is to put it in like 10 bags, add acetone, roll it in your hands, then add a little more but not much just to make it into a ball and not paste, put it in between 2 hard ( Full Answer )

Why cocaine is stimulant?

Cocaine acts on the central nervous system as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. The build up of dopamine results in coke's gleeful carelessness. It suppresses appetite and increases alertness by the continued activity of dopamine receptors. There is research connecting this with thrill seekers using ad ( Full Answer )

Can you smell cocaine?

Cocaine itself no what you will smell is the cutting/cooking agents...acetone, ammonia, eyther, gasoline used during the "paste production" that sort of stuff...cut/stomped on cocaine will smell alot like eyther/gasoline...not much you can do besides move to Columbia and get yourself a farm I hear t ( Full Answer )

How does a person get cocaine?

Most people are approached at a club/bar whatever by a dealer or a guy hired to get attention, or they have a friend who has a relationship with a dealer. At least in my area anyway

Does cocaine have to be snorted?

No, it can also be injected, although this method is highly not recommended, as injecting could have many reprocussions such as developing a disease from the needle, the injection site will get swollen and veins over time will collapse. IF you do think about cocaine or anyone else you know, insuffla ( Full Answer )

Did Eminem do cocaine?

Well typically, living in Detroit back in the days seeing his family do it makes him more stronger and motivated not to do it because he wanted to get somewhere in life with the rap game , so probably not though he might have little secrets for himself.. but it wouldn't matter..he is what he is righ ( Full Answer )

Why is cocaine good for you?

Honestly, cocaine is not good for you. Under certain very limited medical conditions, the pain relief associated with cocaine use can be helpful for short periods of time, but the addicitiveness of cocaine means it can rapidly lead to dependency. This, in turn, can cause disruption of relationships ( Full Answer )

How addictive are cocaine and crack cocaine?

Cocaine is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, regardless of the form! Beer or whisky? How fast do you want to get intoxicated... similar situation. Crack is more intense but lasts just a short time, while insufflated cocaine takes a bit longer to work as it must be absorbed through the sinus tissue and oral mucosa a ( Full Answer )

How cocaine is snorted?

Some people like to use a tiny spoon to place the drug inside their nostril so they can then inhale it, and others use a small tube, such as a straw, to suck in the drug. However, don't do this. Cocaine is a very dangerous, illegal, addictive drug.

Does cocaine get you hungry?

Typically it does not. When Cocaine is taken through the naval cavity the molecules latch onto the serotonin receptors blocking there ability to detect serotonin. This causes an almost steady release of serotonin creating an overwhelming sense of euphoria and content with ones being. When you eat th ( Full Answer )

Why is cocaine fun?

It is fun because when you use it you feel like your in a magical pixie land with unicorns all around galloping freely, but then you wake up in a rundown apartment wishing you had more. Srry everybody but that's just life. :(

Does honey cocaine do cocaine?

No. It is a stage name. Drake is also a stage name, most rappers names, pop singer names are just stage names because they sounds cool. There are actors also who have stage name. Charlie sheen is an example.

Why does cocaine constipate you?

Cocaine doesn't constipate you.. In fact it can often has the opposite effect and make you want the toilet.. Opiates constipate you, ie: Heroin, Morphine, Methadone..etc However, if you are comming off of cocaine, then you may get constipation.. Cocaine is a stimulant, like speed(amphetamine), an ( Full Answer )

What do they put in cocaine?

It depends on the form of the drug. Cocaine salts can be hydrochloride (HCL), sulfate (-SO4) and the nitrate (-NO3). Crack cocaine is a combination of the alkaloid with backing soda and water. If the raw leaves are chewed, they are often rolled around lime (Calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH) 2 ). Coca t ( Full Answer )

What is Eskimo Cocaine?

Eskimo cocaine is an all natural ash that you add to your dip or chewing tobacco to intensify the effects of the nicotine. Despite the name, it is not related to the illegal drug, cocaine. It will mess you up, don't try unless you're used to nicotine. It's made from a fungus harvested off a paper bi ( Full Answer )

Is cocaine the most potent stimulant of natural origin and used medically?

Is cocaine the most potent stimulant of natural origin? Perhaps.This depends on what you would call 'most potent'. Khat, forinstance, contains naturally occuring forms of amphetamine. Is thata more potent stimulant? Neither cocaine nor the amphetamine inKhat would be as potent if it wasn't refined, ( Full Answer )