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Where did cock fighting orginated?

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Cock fighting originated from Spain.
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In what states is cock fighting legal?

Hopefully none because it's animal cruelty. More info Cockfighting endures legally in New Mexico, Louisiana and Oklahoma, which is home to more than 40 established back-ro

What is cock fighting?

\nIt is the illegal "sport" of fighting roosters and betting on them. It is outlawed in most or all states as being cruel to the roosters.

What is the best breed for cock fighting?

There are several but for the most part, the line is far more important than the breed, and most good fighting lines have had genocide performed on them by the animal rights c

What to give a cock to fight?

If you wish to make your rooster more aggressive in defense of his flock, you can play fight with the bird yourself. There is no need to offer the bird a "victim". The young c

Can you inject a fighting cock?

yeah why not. you have to inject him in the chest were muscles are present, try to inect on left chest in muscles.

What is cock-fighting of medieval times?

Cock-fighting in the medieval period of human history was basically when two cocks, (male chickens) would fight to the death. This was usually bet on, and watched by the local
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How do you cure fighting cocks flu?

If you want to cure the fighting cocks flu, you are need to get anantibiotic. This flu is common in the Philippines.
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What are the pros and cons about cock fighting?

There are NO pros for cruelty to birds and animals. Although some say it is a community activity, the people involved could use their time, energy, and betting monies in more