Where did cockfighting originate?

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originated in eastern countries, that is how it was brought to Mexico
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Are cockfights legal in Texas?

Answer . It is only legal in Louisiana, but it will be banned there too in 2008.. Answer . No it is not legal in Texas. In the United States cockfighting is illegal i

What is cockfighting?

Contest in which gamecocks, often fitted with metal spurs, are pitted against each other. Fights are usually to the death. An ancient and widespread sport, cockfighting tradit

What benefits do you get from cockfighting?

Cockfighting has no real benefits. The animals suffer from this abuse and the people are steeply fined for it. If you are asking why people do it, they do so for entertainm

Why is cockfighting legal?

Answer 1: Because guys make the rules and we think it's awesome to fight. We don't see anything wrong with fighting animals especially. That is of course until a propaganda

What is a cockfight?

A cockfight is a blood sport between two roosters. They fight in a pit called a cockpit. Cockfights are illegal in the United States. . taken from Wikipedia

Is cockfighting legal on Indian reservations?

no, everything illegal in the U.S. is illegal on the reservation. its a common misconception that Native Americans' have unlimited freedom. they're still in U.S. FEDERAL juris
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What is the meaning of cockfighting?

A highly barbaric event where people put roosters (the c word gets censored in this question, even though it is used in appropriate context) in an area and have them fight. Th
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What is cockfight?

A cockfight is a so called blood sport between two roosters.