Where did cold war get its name?

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the named it the cold war because no shots were fired. it was between the Russians and the Americans. we and the Russians were threating each other with nukes but nothing was ever shot
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What is the Cold War?

The Cold War is the term for the decades long conflict (not an all-out \nshooting war) between the Western Allies and the Communist Eastern Bloc \nNations (Soviet Union, China, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, \nYugoslavia, North Korea, North Vietnam). "Cold" means that the conflict \nnever grew to ( Full Answer )

What was the Cold War about?

Answer . The extremely short version of the answer to your question is this:\n. \nThe Cold War was the struggle between the United States and Russia that began at the end of WWII and ended with the fall of the USSR in 1991. The Cold War was neither particularly "cold" nor was it a "war" fought ( Full Answer )

What is a cold war?

A nonviolent state of hostility between two places. A nonviolent state of hostility between two places

Why was the Cold War called the Cold War?

The Cold War is named so because there was no direct conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union (the two superpowers at the time)

Where was the cold war?

The Cold War didn't take place anywhere. It's refering to the relationship of Russia and The U.S. at the time after World War 2. It was close to war after The Cuban Missile Crises. Russia had placed nukes in Cuba. With them being so close, they could have hit most cities in the U.S. Fortunatley, bot ( Full Answer )

Why was there a cold war?

there was a cold war because there was tension and the allies broke off their alliance in ww2

What was the Cold War what caused the Cold War and why was it Cold?

Cold war was a war of threats, politics between democratic west and communist east. It was caused by the end of WWII with the emergence of two super powers America and the USSR, and their opposing ideologies. It was called a cold war because there were no occasions of direct armed conflict between t ( Full Answer )

Was the cold war actually cold?

Not in the physical sence. Diplomatic relations might have been described as 'Frosty' between the Soviets & the rest of Europe and the US. Quite why this came about is difficult to understand. The Russian behaviour at the cessation of European hostilities in 1945 is, to me, incomprehensible. Their t ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of cold in Cold War?

The meaning of Cold in Cold War is simply that they call it the cold war because there was no fighting between the U.S's military and the Soviet millitary. Sometimes people will ask, "what if the cold war had turned hot?" that simply means "What would have happend if the U.S. and the U.S.S.R had act ( Full Answer )

Why is the Cold War called Cold War?

It is called the cold war as there was no actual 'war' just a period of extremely bad diplomatic relations between the USA and Russia. It involved the Space race and the famous speech from JFK of: 'We will do this not because it is easy, but because it is hard'

Why is the cold war called the cold war?

After World War Two there was distrust between communist Russia and capitalist America. This led to nearly 50 years of competition and conflict between these two superpowers, called the cold war. It is called the cold war because America and Russia didn't really fight or go to war with each other. I ( Full Answer )

Why was the cold war cold?

The Cold War was called "cold" not for literal reasons, but for figurative reasons. No battles occurred that ended up in bloodshed; the conflict never got "hot", a military term for weapons and troops being armed for battle.

How did the Cold War get its name?

Because the Cold War was mostly just an arms race between America/Democracy and Russia/Communism. With the noteworthy exception of the Korean War, there was no actual fighting with America and Russia. The war was mostly just a race to show the world which system of government was most powerful, ergo ( Full Answer )

Were was the cold war?

Mostly in Germany. The places involved in it are as listed:France, USSR, USA, England./the four sectors. The USSR and the USA played the major roles in this war. Answer The Cold War lasted from 1945 to 1989, and it was carried out in many other places besides Germany. With regard to Germany, afte ( Full Answer )

Why did the cold war stay cold?

The Cold War stayed "cold" due to both the fear and nuclear power residing in each country. If the United States and the Soviets began an artillery based war it would eventually lead to a nuclear war; an event that could have potentially killed millions of people residing in both the United States a ( Full Answer )

Why was the cold war called by that name?

A war between nations that does not escalate to troops fighting one another is a 'cold' war. In the cold war, the Soviet Union and the United States were fighting each other by threatening with more powerful weapons, placing strong defensive troops on borders, and the diplomatic climate was 'cold' b ( Full Answer )

Why was the cold war called cold war?

bc it really was just a stare down usa and russia both had rockets pointed at each other. it wasnt a heated battle. russia had rockets on cuba pointed at usa and with cuba that close we sighned a treaty.

About the cold war?

The Cold War is the name of the many conflicts and international disputes that took place in the latter half of the 20th century. The Cold War includes the Vietnam War, the Yom Kippur War, the Six Day War, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Iranian Embassy Siege, the Korean War, and the Cuban M ( Full Answer )

Has the cold war ended or has it changed its name to terrorism?

The cold war was a (mostly) non-combat war between the super powers and their coalitions: the USSR and the US, and perhaps China. This is a factor applying to a historical periods between the late 1940's and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.. Terrorism is a tactical modality or means of fighting ( Full Answer )

When was cold war?

The cold war was started right after WW2. It started when the American Government wanted russia to get rid of its nuclear arms. So each country was racing to produce nuclear missiles. It ended in the Kennedy Administration

What did the Cold War do?

The cold war FORCED the US and the Soviets/Red Chinese to manufacture better weapons, vehicles, warships, aircraft, and the exploration of outer space; the US landed a man on the moon in 1969! The cold war kept the tensions between Russia and the United Statesgoing. The cold war was a war of fear an ( Full Answer )

Who was the cold war with?

The Cold War was between Democracy, aka the Free World (US, Great Britain, France, and other Free World nations) and Communism (USSR, People's Republic of China, and other Communist nations). The Cold War was not simply a shouting match with no real casualties between the US and USSR, as some on t ( Full Answer )

The Cold war was cold because?

At the end of World War II, English author and journalist George Orwellused cold war , as a general term, in his essay "You and the Atomic Bomb", published October 19, 1945, in the British newspaper Tribune . Contemplating a world living in the shadow of the threat of nuclear warfare, Orwell wrote ( Full Answer )

How did cold war get its name?

It was a tense war where the two superpowers (US and SU) had cold relations towards each other. There was no fighting (directly) between the two states, so it was not a hot war; but a cold one. The name 'cold war' was first mentioned in a book of George Orwell. For more information please see wikip ( Full Answer )

When was the Cold War?

The cold war started in 1946, maybe late 1945, when it became clear the the USSR was not planning to remove its troops from the areas of Europe that it had moved into during the world war II. It ended in 1991 when the Soviet Union broke up.

Why what was the cold war?

Answer: The Cold War was an ideological war between the Soviet Union and the United States. The Cold War was stated to start after WW2 (1946) and ended from the collapse of the Berlin Wall (1990). (During the Cold War the Korean and Vietnam war occured as well as the Cuban Missile Crisis). - K2

Why was there the cold war?

Looking back on history, anyone learning about nuclear weapons in WWII would have seen it coming. President Roosevelt decided to develop the Manhattan Project, a project to produce an atomic bomb. The thought was that if the US didn't, Germany would. As allies with the US, the Soviet Union had spies ( Full Answer )

Why did they name the cold war the cold war?

Because no bullets were fired. . Actually plenty of bullets and other weapons were fired, just not directly between US and USSR forces. Remember the Korean and Vietnam wars? But no nuclear weapons were fired in combat by anybody.

Why is the Cold War cold?

The Cold War was refered to as "Cold" because a cold war means there is no fighting going on at all, but a "Hot" war is when there is fighting going on (Take WWII as an example for a hot war). But we got envolved with the war because our enemies were under a Communist Government and we were under a ( Full Answer )

Why is cold war called cold?

The "Cold War," refers to the "war" between the United States and Russia. China could also be included in the definition. The Cold War was a non-combat "war." The Cold War, as noted, existed because of differing political ideologies between the two powers. Basically, it was the Western Ideals of dem ( Full Answer )

Is the cold war another name for the Civil War?

Two separate things. The cold war was a state of mistrust and intense spying between the US and the USSR, and to a lesser extent, China. no it is not, The cold war was between Russia and America, The civil war is Northern America vs Southern America

What was the The Cold War?

The Cold War was a governmental dispute between the USSR, several satelite states, and even the USA.

What was the name used in a US Cold War nuclear attack submarine for the sonar controller?

If you're referring to Sonar personnel such as myself, Sonar on most Fast-Attacks comprised of a division of about 12-15 Submarine Sonar Techs (STS). All Sonarmen were minimum 6 year enlistees, as Basic Sonar and Advanced Sonar typically took around 18 months from Boot Camp to their first afloat com ( Full Answer )

What are cold wars?

Answer: Cold Wars are wars where opposing sides don't fight each other directly, so they do so indirectly. Cold War: Fought each other INDIRECTLY using words and thoughts... (Hope that helps, not sure if answer is 100% correct) :0

What are the war on terror and the cold war?

The Cold War was the long, drawn out conflict between the UnitedStates (and NATO) against the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics(Soviet Russia). This conflict is associated with The Korean War,The Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and many conflicts inthe Middle East. This conflict lasted fro ( Full Answer )

What war followed cold war?

There are lots of wars all the time, particularly civil wars, but the major war which followed the Cold War is known as the War On Terror; the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan are part of that larger struggle against international terrorism.

The cold war was cold because what?

Because there was no real gun play involved. However the arm manufacturing industry continued to make a fortune. Even wars that were fought were not declared in order to keep this situation going for as long as possibler.

Why was the cold war-called the cold war?

During the Cold War the US and the USSR (along with their various allies) did everything possible to overcome each other, short of actual war. It was a peculiar state of almost war. Actual war was greatly feared, since it would have resulted in the destruction of the entire human race, by means of n ( Full Answer )

Why did the cold war remain cold?

Because of M.A.D- mutually assured destruction. Since both superpowers had a nuclear weapon they knew that when one country will attack the other, both atomic bombs would be fired and most of the world would be destroyed. They didn't want that..... Hope it helped :)

The Cold War was about What?

The Cold War is a 'war' the happened between 1948-1991. There were no direct battle between the USSR (soviet Union) and the USA. It was mostly a war of ' who is the better superpower', who's got the better technology, who's got more influence in the world (imperialism), who will get to the moon firs ( Full Answer )

Why was cold war-called the cold war?

Acts of aggression were subtle, not overt. Instead of direct military attacks countries sought to undermine each other through various means. The US supplied weapons to the Taliban during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, for example. The communists supported Fidel Castro. There was only rarely an ( Full Answer )

Why is it named the cold war?

During the Cold War, the US and the USSR engaged in a complex global struggle for domination, but they never attacked each other directly, through bombing or invasion. Instead they fought wars in other countries such as Korea and Vietnam. It was a war with limits. That was because both sides knew th ( Full Answer )

How did the Cold War earn it's name?

It was a COLD war because there was none of very little fighting done. E.g. The Vietnam war... It would have been a HOT war if there was fighting involved but it was generally just discussions and arguments between Russia and America with a bit of British involvement. It was only given that name bec ( Full Answer )

What was the Cold War?

The Cold War was a period of tension that existed between westernpowers (Europe, UK, USA, Canada etc) and the Soviet Union(Communist Russia etc). It started about 1946 , shortly after theSecond World War, when the Soviet Union showed that it had nointention of removing its forces from the areas of E ( Full Answer )

What makes the Cold War cold?

A hot war is a shooting war. The Cold War had no shooting; it was a period of "diplomatic estrangement" - a fancy way of saying we hated the Soviets and they hated us right back, and we spied on each other a LOT but we didn't attack with armed troops.

Where was the cold war at?

The Cold War was a sustained state of political and military tension between: . powers in the Western Bloc (the United States with NATO and others), and . powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its allies in Warsaw Pact). Historians have not fully agreed on the dates, but 1947 ( Full Answer )