Where did cole matthews live in the book touching spirit bear?

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How old is Cole in touching spirit bear?

When Cole is first banished to the island he is 15. After being mauled by the bear, treated for at the hospital and returned to full health, he returns to the island to start his banishment over. He spends the year there so apparently he turns 16.

In the book Touching Spirit Bear what was the second thing cole eats after being attacked by the spirit bear?

I am really not sure.....but he did eat grass, mice, i think some of his own barf/vomit, worms, insects... I'm not sure of the order sorry! =). At first he ate some grass-choked on it, spit it out, then ate it again. Next he went onto worms, then to bugs like ants, beetles, spiders, and even a fuzz ( Full Answer )

Who is William Matthews in touching spirit bear?

William Matthews is Cole Matthew's father in Touching Spirit Bear. Because he was abused and mistreated as a child, Mr. Matthews passed on the violent behavior by beating Cole. This caused many social and internal problems that later affected Cole. Therefore, he is also blamed for Cole's violent beh ( Full Answer )

How does the Spirit Bear trust Cole in Touching Spirit Bear?

He doesn't attack him after the first time. Because the first time Spirit Bear attacked him Cole was a threat, later in the book, Cole understands that for Spirit Bear to trust him he can't threaten Spirit Bear.

Is cole afraid of the spirit bear in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole was mad in the beginning because the spirit bear wasnt affraid of him. so he wanted to kill it. the spirit bear was showing self diffence so he attacked cole. Cole realized that he wasnt very important to nature so he kind of changed. Cole saw the spirit bear again while he was almost dead in t ( Full Answer )

Who is Cole in the book touching spirit bear?

Cole from touching spirit bear is the main character in the story, fifteen year old Cole Matthews grows up with an abusive father and a barbie doll mother. Cole's mother never defends herself or her son, against the abusive father.Because of Cole's harsh childhood he has learned to never show fear, ( Full Answer )

How do you describe cole in touching spirit bear?

At first, Cole is a critical, introverted, delinquent, and an uncared for child. Later on in the story he is positive, idealistic, and is starting to accept the ideal of life and nature.

Why is Cole the protagonist in touching spirit bear book?

Cole Matthews is the protagonist because he is t he leading character or a major character in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text or t he main figure or one of the most prominent figures in a real situation. . ~Hopes this helps~ .

Why was Cole such an angry person in Touching Spirit Bear?

Well He Had parents Who Didn't Care About Him " He Says ", His Dad Got Drunk And Beat Him,His dad doesn't even know his own birth date.His Mom doesn't care what goes on with him and his father.He Blames the Word For all his Problems.

How does cole act in touching spirit bear?

Cole acts as if he was not afraid of the island in the beginning. He starts progressing after he gets mauled and sees the baby sparrows dying. He also feels bad for Peter so he asks Edwin for Peter to come on the island and helps him with his problems. Peter helps Cole draw on his totem and Peter bu ( Full Answer )

What did spirit bear teach cole in touching spirit bear?

The Spirit Bear teaches Cole the most important lesson that no other person could have taught him. The bear teaches him to be patient and to look at the positive things; anger will only hurt him more. This was taught to Cole because when Cole gets angry and attacks the bear, he almost gets crippled ( Full Answer )

What are some examples of how Cole is changing in touching spirit bear?

Some examples of how cole is changing is that he continues to go to the pond and going for a dip. then he also goes carrying his ancestor rock up the hill then rolling his anger away. He is also changing because he feels really bad about peter and wants to help him and when peter comes to the island ( Full Answer )