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In Mexico

Why do you have a name?

we have a name because people could want to talk or do something you don't know if there calling you. Or you wouldn't know how to tell people apart from each other

How do you get a name?

Our parents give us a first and often a middle name. Governmentsrequire names to keep records of births.

Why do you have the name you do?

first name: because my parents liked it. middle name: because it's a tradition. some times the middle name is because its your godmother or godfathers first name, true reply.. last name: because it's my dad's last name

What is my name'?

Your name is a noun that is used to call or label you so that youare able to be known as that title.

Climate of colima Mexico?

Colima is one of the states that conform the Mexican Republic. Itslocated in the central region of the country, near the neighboringstate of Jalisco. The climate of the state is of the TropicalSavanna type, that presents high temperatures and dry conditionsmost of the time of the year, with a heavy ( Full Answer )

Were is the volcano colima what state?

the volcano of colima is in colima,mexico.. at one point it acutally belonged to jalisco,mexico. but colima took over it. its right on the border of colima and jalisco.

Why are we named?

we are named so we dont kind of say ' oi? ' and a ton of people look back so if you call one person's name like ' Tom? ' one person looks back so its basically to stop getting mixed up with people

How did the volcano colima formed?

When techtonic plates collide and go apart magma from the mantle come up to the crust. Then after a long time of that happening the lava cools and forms new ground which builds up into a volcano. A volcano could be on land or under water.

Is the a name?

No the is not a name. The is a three letter word that people would stugle with out.

What the name of but?

Why do you people Always ask the GAYEST questions -_-' The name of Butt is Butt The name of But is But. That's why you called it a But. Your basically asking: -example- Hey Jessica? What's your name? -still an example- Idiot, it would be Jessica. So basically your answering your quest ( Full Answer )

What is the name of As?

If it can be written :- as or As then it is a roman coin.. If it is always written As (even in mid sentence) it is the chemical symbol for Arsenic.

What is a name?

Your Name Along with other details, it is a label that uniquely identifies a person, and is usually given to an individual by their parents. Your name is the word or words people call you to by to initiate they are talking to you. For instance, if my name was Tree, someone might say "Tree! Are you ( Full Answer )

Why do we have names?

Names allow us to be identified as individuals by others, both in adirect way and in reference to others. Where names are not unique,it is difficult but not impossible to discern the traits oraccomplishments of different individuals. Even with two or morenames (given, surname, middle name) there wil ( Full Answer )

How old is Mt. Colima?

Volcanic activity on Colima dates back over 5 million years, and the mountain has been around longer than that. The group of peaks along the range in which Colima is situated formed from 7 or 8 to some 12 to 15 million years ago.

In what country is mount Colima located?

The Colima volcano, also known as the Volcan de Fuego (Fiery Volcano) is located in western Mexico, close to the Pacific Ocean. Its coordinates are (19.512727, -103.617241). See the related links section for a map of its location.

What is the size of the Colima volcano?

It has a prominence or height above the surrounding terrain of about 2,700 meters (8,858 feet). It has a height above sea level of 4,330 meters (14,206 feet)

What is the capital of Colima?

The state and capital of Colima share the same name. Colima is one of the 32 states that make up Mexico. Colima is a free and sovereign state cand currently has a population of 650 thousand people as of 2010.

What is colima volcanoes plate bondary?

The Colima volcano comes from the intersection of three different tectonic plates. The oceanic plates Cocos and Rivera intersect in a rift zone, which is subducted beneath the continental plate, the North American Plate, at the Middle American Trench.

How tall is mount colima?

It is- . Elevation: 1,000-1,804 FT (305-550 M) . elevation 4330 metres, prominence 2700 metres

What name do?

" .do " is the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) for Dominican Republic . There are a total of about 280 Internet TLDs. For a fairly comprehensive list of Internet TLDs see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_top-level_domains

What is there In the Name?

This is most likely an elongated paraphrase of Juliet's statement, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet;" If so, then Shakespeare would have been the first to coin it.

What type of volcano is colima in Mexico?

It is a stratovolcano, such as the Mount Rainier in Washingtonstate or Mt. Fuji in Japan. This means its lava is very thick andslow but it has pyroclastic flows (huge clouds of incandescent ashand debris) which are very dangerous to the populations close tothe volcano.

Where can you get your names?

well you can get your names from the internet, books, library, family, friends, make one up, or even from your religion. It really depends if they want a common or uncommon name.

How far is it from Colima Mexico to Tabasco Mexico?

You would be crossing Mexico coast to coast, near the city of Colima near the Pacific Ocean, to Villahermosa, capital of the state of Tabasco and situated near the Gulf of Mexico. Straight Line: 1,148 kilometers (713 miles) Driving distance: 1,485 kilometers (923 miles) Driving Time (non-stop ( Full Answer )

How far is Colima Mexico to Denver Colorado?

2,858 KILOMETRES or 1,775 MILES OVERALL COLIMA to CIUDAD JUÁREZ 1,700 kilometres or 1,055 miles: . Take MEXICO 54 towards GUADALAJARA from Colima to MEXICO 45 towards DURANGO and SALTILLO in Zacatecas, which is right next to Guadalupe. . Take MEXICO 45 to MEXICO 49 to TORREON and RIO GRANDE ( Full Answer )

How far colima Mexico from monterrey?

Minimum distance is 797 kilometers (495 miles) on a straight line.Road distance is 964 kilometers (599 miles) over a 11-hour,non-stop drive.

Why do have to have a name?

You have to have a name so that you can be independently and genetically identified. lolololololololo sarz

How many deaths has the volcano Colima caused?

There have been no recorded deaths caused by the activity of theColima Volcano. There is a story circulating in Internet, stating that on 1911, aneruption by the Colima Volcano caused 1,450 deaths. However, duringthat year there were no eruptions recorded.

Who are you named after?

In most societies your name is chosen by your parents. They may or may not choose to name you after someone. They may choose a name because they like it.

Is Mt Colima dormant or extinct?

The Colima Volcano is neither dormant nor extinct. In fact, it isone of the most active volcanoes in North America.

Is you a name?

No, "you" is a pronoun , a word that takes the place of anoun (a name is a type of noun) in a sentence. The pronoun "you" is a personal pronoun , a word that takesthe place of a noun for a specific person or thing. The pronoun "you" is a second person pronoun, a word thattakes the place of a nou ( Full Answer )

Is there a forest in Colima?

Yes. One example is the Nevado de Colima National Forest, whichcovers an area of 93.75 square kilometers (23,160 acres).

How many deaths has mount Colima cause?

Surprisingly, none. While it is the most active volcano in Mexico,the area around it has a low population density. Past registerederuptions were recorded in 1585, 1606, 1622, 1690, 1818, 1890,1903, 1913, 1999 and 2005.

Is Colima volcano explosive or non-explosive?

It is explosive (it is a stratovolcano). In a worst-case scenario,more than 400,000 people would have to be evacuated from theproximity of the volcano: up to 30 km / 19 mi from the cone.

Your name?

I think that Jennifer is a great name for a girl and Zacharay for aa boy

How many people died in colimas last eruption?

Surprisingly, nobody. The most violent eruptions ocurred in 1585,1606, 1622, 1690, 1818, 1890, 1903, 1913, 1999 and 2005. As the Colima volcano is a stratovolcano, its lava flows are veryslow; the biggest danger takes the form of pyroclastic flows (denseclouds of superheated gases, ash and debris), ( Full Answer )

How wide is Colima volcano?

It has a base diameter of approximately 4.8 kilometers (3 miles).Its prominence above the surrounding terrain is of about 2,700meters (8,858 feet). Its height above sea level is 4,330 meters(14,206 feet).