Where did college football begin?

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Rutgers in 1869
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What is college football?

Answer . \nCollege football was the venue through which American football first gained popularity in the United States. College football remains extremely popular today among students, alumni, and other fans of the sport.

When was college football invented?

Answer \n. \n. \n1869 was the first season.\n. \n. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe first college football game was between Rutgers and Princeton at Princeton College. P.S.: Rutgers won.

Who was the college football champions in 1958?

LSU won the AP and UPI polls for the 1958 college football season. Their record that year was 11-0 and they beat Clemson in the Sugar Bowl by a score of 7-0.

What are the requirements to play college football?

the football is the game with number of player who play together not individualy ,it not only provide physical strength & mental skill to the plyer butalso its provides unity to the member to improve their power in group within rule without doing any wrong action, which gives lession to handle the ( Full Answer )

Who has the youngest college football program?

Answer During the game with LSU, I think the commentators said UF had the youngest program in the nation, with something like 73% underclassmen. Using the data published by Scout.com, Florida has 38 players with one or two years eligibility left (football seniors and juniors) and 40 players with ( Full Answer )

When did college football begin in the US?

The first college football game played in the United States was on November 6, 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton with Rutgers winning 6-4. Click on the 'First College Game' link on this page to read a detailed history of the game.

Worst college football team?

Ohio States Buckeyes of course. They aren`t even better than the Florida Gators. Michigan is better then Ohio State in so many ways. Ohio State fans are so mouthly. Yes Michigan is mouthly but not as much as Ohio State fans. They go overboard. They`re crazy. Buckeyes = suckeyes. You can`t get suck w ( Full Answer )

Where is the college footbal hall of fame?

The original Hall of Fame was found in New York, New York, but later caught fire and perished. The third College Football Hall of Fame is in Madison Wisconsin, Illinois on route 183, just south of I-94.

NCAA college football Mascots?

The NCAA college football mascot for the University of Kentucky isa wildcat. The mascot for the University of Cincinnati is a bobcat.

What is 3L Football experience in college?

3L stands for 3 year L etterman. To L etter means the student athlete has met a specified level of participation and/or performance on a varsity athletic team, marching band, or in other performance school-sponsored activities. I would assume there 3L means 3 years experience in the school's fo ( Full Answer )

What is the oldest college football conference?

You're both wrong. The Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) is America's oldest collegiate athletic conference - Founded in 1888 by Olivet College, Albion College, and Michigan State University. http://miaa.org/history/index.html The Big 10 IS the oldest Division 1 conference in th ( Full Answer )

What was the shortest college football game?

The shortest college football game ever played was between NorthCarolina and Boston College in 2012. This game lasted for about 2and a half hours.

Who is the fastest college football Quarterback?

Denard "Shoelace" Robinson for Michigan is the fastest QB in the nation. He runs a 4.3 40. or Pat White for WVU he plays QB but is faster than most RB's he set a record for the most rushing yards for a QB EVER!

What is BCS in college football?

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series, which was a form ofplayoff among college football teams between 1998 and 2013, todecide a "National Champion" for the year. It was replaced in 2014by the College Football Playoff system (CFP). The BCS and CFP were created because NCAA football does not have a ( Full Answer )

How can i return to college football?

That depends; who are you? If you were a past college football player who wants to return after playing four years, sorry, but you cannot return to play college football after your 4 years of eligibility are up.

College football and pro football?

college football is when you are in college and pro football is when you are out of college and also in pro football you get paid but not college football. you can get into pro by being a college player and getting drafted into pro.

How do you get in college football?

You have to either ear a scholarship out of high school or you can get accepted into the school and tryout for the football team as a walk on

What Florida colleges have football teams?

12 7 in the FBS,3 in the FCS,and 2 in the NAIA FBS-Florida,Florida State,Miami,Central and Southern Florida,Florida Atlantic and International. FCS-Florida A&M,Bethune-Cookman,and Jackssonville NAIA-Edward Waters and Webber International

Why are college footballs different from NFL footballs?

Because the professional football and college football need distinct difference also players are still growing. College football is development and it is easier to fix throwing mechanics with a smaller football than with a bigger football.

When do the college football playoffs start?

Wow really college football playoffs? They don't have playoffs in college football. In division 2 and 3 they have it but not in a major college football.

Who has the best football field in college?

In 2011, it will be a toss up between Tulane (Superdome) and the University of Texas at San Antonio (Alamodome), but I vote for the latter...

What is the coldest college football game?

The Snow Bowl, November 25, 1950 at The Ohio State Universityhorsehoe stadium, between The Ohios State University Buckeyes andthe Univeristy of Michigan Wolverines [3-9 final]."The game wasplayed in the teeth of a full-scale blizzard, five inches of snowon the ground and snow whistling through the a ( Full Answer )

What ball is used in college football?

the ball which is used is the a ball in shaped in circel and is skin colour which most guys have. Which tarra likes and michelle and emily they love them xxoxoxoxo

What is the teams of SEC in college football?

Currently the teams in the SEC are Florida, Alabama, Ole Miss,Mississippi state, Auburn, LSU, Kentucky, Georgia, Arkansas, SouthCarolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Missouri, and Texas A&M.

What is all the college football awards?

There is only one that i know of and if it's not their isn't any other BIG awards, but the one that i know is the Heisman. The Heisman is offered every year to any player that is voted by the citizens. another is the Doak Walker Award. I thought the Heisman was voted on by sportcasters and former ( Full Answer )

What colleges are known for football?

Ohio State Buckeyes . Texas Longhorns . Texas A&M Aggies those are just a few real big football colleges. add more if you like.

What is a Forced Touch in college football?

You have 'illegal touching' on a player when a kick is touched by the kicking team. The receiving team, regardless of the outcome of the play, can choose to take the play at that spot. There is also the concept of 'touching' when a receiving player touches the ball on a kick. At that point, the kic ( Full Answer )

What pads are required in college football?

Protective helmet of players choice as long as it is up to school and/or NCAA standards, shoulder pads, protective cup, cleats, an mouthpiece. Thigh, tail, and knee pads are highly encouraged but not required.

When did the BCS begin in college football?

it starts after the regular season which ends in december. There is the orange bowl, fiesta bowl, sugar bowl, the rose bowl and the BCS national championship game the last game of the season

What is the difference of a college football and NFL football?

Football is football, right? Well, though the basics of the game are the same and the uniforms are equally padded, there are some major differences between college football games and NFL Football. Some of these differences are noticeable to the naked or uninformed eye and some are not. Ultimately, f ( Full Answer )

What does ATH in college football?

ATH is the standard abbreviation for "athlete." It describes a college recruit that can play multiple positions, or a recruit who does not have a primary or finalized collegiate position. There is no actual football position for ATH; it is simply a placeholder until a player's position is determine ( Full Answer )

What does college football data record?

A college football data record, is so that the people that are in charge can see what the college student has done that is good and what needs to be improved, including what he has scored, what position he has been playing in, and if they need him to improve for college or not.

What is the college football line?

College football lines are the betting lines. These are the lines that are open for betting. These line are set open for many games during the sports time.

When do the College Football Playoffs begin?

The NCAA college football playoffs will not start until January 1st, 2014. There are several college bowls and there has to be teams narrowed down to play in each bowl tournament.