Where did colonel Benedict capture a supply of weapons?

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Fort Ticonderoga.
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What is a weapon?

An instrument, tool or device used to attack someone or soming used in defense during combat.

In Dirty Dozen movie what were silver ben like items Bronson collected from each member and put in a bag before the dozen captured Colonel Everett HQ Staff at war games?

Those devices were late-model aluminum-bodied revisions of the original #10 Delay Switch that was designed and manufactured by the British, and which would have been in wide use in that area of the European theatre during the latter part of WWII. These were often also called "pencil detonators" or " ( Full Answer )

What are weapons?

A weapon would be a tool to attack or defend a threat. That could be a gun, scathing repartee, or a business plan. A gun is fairly clear, as is an ax, hammer, fist, or aircraft carrier. Verbal weaponry could be an insult, a harmful rumor/lie, or abuse through neglect or criticism. Businesses o ( Full Answer )

Was Colonel Sanders a real colonel?

No. He was awarded the title "Kentucky Colonel" in 1935 because of the chicken he cooked. He then decided to call himself Colonel Sanders.

Did the Axis powers share weapons food and supplies?

Although the German Army was trying to establish control over the Suez Canal region (North Africa); and the Japanese Army was trying to move westward through India (stopped by the British Army and Merrill's Marauders-CBI/China, Burma, India Theater); the ONLY physical contacts they made were in the ( Full Answer )

What does a colonel do?

A Colonel is a mid-senior commisioned officer's rank. What they do depends upon what their job is. For instance, a Colonel in the Finance branch will manage money and military pay as would his civilian counterpart. Generally they are staff officers who do planning or manage stuff. They also can comm ( Full Answer )

Who was the British general who sent his troops to capture Patriot supplies in Concord in April 1775?

In April of 1775, British troops were ordered to march on Concord(Massachusetts) by General Thomas Gage, military governor of the"Province of Massachusetts Bay" and commander of the British troopsstationed in Boston. After the British defeat that followed, heremained in his leadership position throu ( Full Answer )

Who do you have to capture?

If you need ,everyone can capture. if you capture screen ,you could do this fllow. Hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard, then open the MS Paint, press CTRL+V, save it and it's ur screenshot. But if u wanna capture anything on the screen, i think the print screen button could help u. So i recomm ( Full Answer )

Who supplied weapons to Tecumseh?

Tecumseh was supplied weapons by Britain during his war. Thiscaused major tensions between the countries of America and Britain.

Do the army supply left handed weapons?

There might have been some civilian hunting rifles with left handed bolts for USMC snipers in Vietnam. USA snipers used modified M14 rifles (XM21's) as sniper rifles. Other than those examples, lefty's had to shoot right handed in boot camp, and sometimes (if the DI/Drill Instructor) was feeling nic ( Full Answer )

How did Benedict Arnold get captured?

Benedict Arnold was never captured. It was British Major John Andre, who was involved in the plan to hand West Point over to the British, that was captured by the Americans and hanged as a spy.

Who sent soldiers to capture the colonists' military supplies?

The British commander in chief in America, General Thomas Gage, sent a task force of 700 soldiers to destroy the colonists' military depot established at Concord and capture the Patriot leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock, on the night of April 18,1775.

How do they get captured?

they would get soldiers go into the christians homes ad ask them search there also. Because the christains would have a separate room to hide the Jews in like a secret room.

After being captured by Colonel Autumn in Vault 87 on Fallout 3 how are you supposed to get your companion back?

I was worried about the same thing "That Bastard! He killed my companion! And my Dog!" However, Colonel Autumn and the rest of the Enclave didn't even touch them. Wherever you got your companion at, after being captured they go back to that place. I know for a fact that this works for Charron, the g ( Full Answer )

Which country sent weapons supplies and troops to aid the Americans during the revolutionary war?

The French. They were inspired by the hatred of the British and they wanted to stake some claims in the U.S. They provided ammo, food, clothing and troops to some extent. The Americans were grateful for Marquis De Lafayette who provided all this. The Prussians aided the Americans by sending a genera ( Full Answer )

What weapons did the US supply when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990?

The United States had previously supplied Iraq with supplies during the Iran-Iraq War, including missiles, tanks, airplanes, etc. These supplies were put to use again in the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991, but the United States was opposed to Iraq in that war and did not supply Iraq additionally for ( Full Answer )

Is there a colonel mustard or a colonel relish?

Colonel Mustard is a character of the boardgame Cluedo, socalled because he is typically the yellow piece (mustard is traditionally yellow). Colonel relish may be a brand in some part of the world, but it is obviously not famous enough to be welnoted in most of it.

What is my capture?

Print screen, if on the computer, is a process that u could get the image on the screen by using it. There is a print screen key on ur keyboard. Press it, u will get a full screen capture, then u can paste it in any graphic editors like MS Paint. If u wanna capture anything on the screen, i reco ( Full Answer )

Did the government supply weapons to the soldiers during the civil war or did the soldiers bring their own weapons?

In the South, there was virtually no manufacturing capacity, so the Confederates were keen to use any weapons that could be assembled. Officers were expected to buy their own sidearms (private property that they were allowed to keep if they surrendered). But in the Confederates, even the rank-and- ( Full Answer )

Who supplied north Vietnam communist with weapons?

Contrary to popular opinion, the most commonly encountered small arms were the Chicom (Chinese Communist) AK-47s and SKS rifles and not Soviet (Russian) built AKs and SKS weapons. Chicom small arms, trucks, and T59 versions of Soviet PT76 and T54/55 tanks far outnumbered Soviet supplied tanks. The U ( Full Answer )

Who was supplying the north Koreans with weapons and troops?

In the early cold war period they used to get most of their guns from the Soviet Union and China (and of course they had some leftover weapons the Russians confiscated from Japan during the final stages of WW2). Small Arms are being domestically made. Such as: Type 49 Submachine Gun (North Kore ( Full Answer )

Who supplied James Bond his weapons?

When assigned to a mission, Bond was always equipped with weapons, vehicles etc. by Major Boothroyd, also known as Q, head of Q Branch who provided all MI6 agents with weaponary. Desmond Llewellyn played Q in every film he appeared in, with the exception of Die Another Day (2002) where he was played ( Full Answer )

Who supplied North Vietnam communists with the weapons to defeat the US who were defending South Vietnam?

Although it is true that US Generals stated that US forces were never defeated on the battlefield and this statement has been accepted by most websites (Vietnam Statistics for example); its also true that that statement is not 100% correct. Many US ground actions resulted in a retreat and/or an aban ( Full Answer )

What US army colonel captured John Brown?

Colonel Robert E. Lee commanded the Federal forces that ended theJohn Brown slave rebellion attempt. Brown was captured andeventually executed for treason.

Did Colonel Shaw really get into a quarrel with the quartermaster over supplies and specifically shoes for the 54th?

The event you describe is from the movie " Glory " that tells the story of the all-black 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment . This movie is based upon facts but many of the conversations were probably written by the film writers. This event probably did take place as there have been documents tha ( Full Answer )

Why did general Benjamin Butler declare enslaved African American refugees to be contraband or captured war supplies?

Declaring slaves who had run away into the position of the Union Army to be "contraband" allowed the Union Army to "confiscate" them. This meant that the Union Army did not have to turn the runaways over to their owners, when the owners appeared wanting their slaves back. This denied the labor of th ( Full Answer )