Where did colonial cooks cook?

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At a fireplace in the kitchen is where the cooking took place in Colonial America.
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How do you cook?

You may want to get some recipe books or check out the links below.Make sure you have a sink, stove, oven and a microwave, as well assufficient kitchen tools to get the job done. Once you've decided what you want to cook - the simplest foods tocook are casseroles, which can be cooked using one pan ( Full Answer )

What is cooking?

Answer Cooking means applying heat to food. Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat selecting, measuring and combing ingredient's. And making sure its edible. The term is often used in the narrower sense of applying heat to chemicaly transform a food to change flavor, texture, ap ( Full Answer )

Why do you cook?

For some people they might think that it is fun... But actually we cook on our own is because we can choose the right amount of sugar, salts and things that are not really healthy for us... But if we choose to buy food outside we might cook or fried the food in deep oil or all kinds of unhealthy... ( Full Answer )

Who cooked the food in colonial times?

the women in the household cooked the food for the entire family. for women of higher and wealthier status, they had their slaves or servants do the cooking for the family while the women of the house did whatever else needed to be done. other times, she supervised the slaves to make sure they dont ( Full Answer )

What do have to do to be a cook?

In order to be a cook, you have to love food. You have to be open to taste all things...even an octopus with peanut butter on it. Or a pickle with peanuts. You have to have a stable stomach like me. You can't puke often. You should always clear your plate at the dinner table. If you want to actually ( Full Answer )

What is a cook?

A cook is a person who makes and prepares food. A Person Or Chef Who Cooks You Meals WIth Love

Why was colonial cooking important in colonial times?

The direct answer to the question you have asked is that it allowed the colonials to eat cooked food. If you meant something else, you might like to re-ask the question so that it asks what you actually want to know. My answer will be, to cook everything to keep healthy. In another words to kill the ( Full Answer )

What do you us to cook in colonial times?

ANSWER: The American colonists cooked and ate many of the same things we eat today in the United States. Beef, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Goose, Fish, and Deer were some of the main dish items. Rice, Potatoes, Corn, Beans, Tomatoes, Greens, Squash, Pumpkin, and wheat (which was baked to make bread) ( Full Answer )

What did people use to cook on in colonial times?

Open-hearth cooking and brick ovens were common. Iron stoves were often placed to provide heat as well as cooking areas in smaller dwellings. Handmade wooden implements often replaced the rarer metal goods, which were initially brought from Europe.

How do you cook a pre cooked ham?

How long do I cook a precooked ham? It is 15 lbs. A precooked ham does not have to be cooked, but will taste better if you heat it thoroughly to an internal temperature of 140°F (60°C) or so.. Place the ham in a 325°F oven (163°C). It will take 12 to 15 minutes per pound for a whole or ( Full Answer )

How do you cook a pre cooked turkey?

All you have to do is pre heat the oven to 350 degrees. Put your turkey in with whatever glaze or stuffing you preffer add 3/4 of a cup of chicken broth for moister. Cover. 30-45 minutes later, it's ready.

How to cook cooked chicken from the refrigerator?

You can reheat it in a microwave oven, in a toaster oven, or in a regular oven. Cooking time will vary, depending on the weight and thickness of pieces, and whether the chicken is frozen or just chilled in the refrigerator. A single leg or thigh might take one or two minutes to reheat in a microwave ( Full Answer )

Spider-- colonial cooking utensil?

a colonial cooking spider is a pot with 3 long legs coming off of it, and you place it over a fire to cook stuFF IN

Who did the cooks cook for in Ancient Greece?

in ancient Greece the cooks would have cooked for the higher emperors or their owners if they were slaves.They would have cooked fish with alot of fruit dishes containg seeds berries and grapes .The Greeks had a very high carbohydrate diet due to their consumption of bread too.

Why do we have to cook?

We have to cook so we can get a balanced diet.A balanced diet is when we get the right balance of food from every food group so we arent mal-nourished .Eating a balanced diet make sus healthier fitter and to grow properley.

Why do you have to cook?

You have to cook because, without cooking you would have to eat out at and eat and soon wouldn't have that much money...

How does cooking oil affect cooking?

It keeps it from burning and sticking to the pan. . Peanut oil is used for high temperature cooking. . Olive and canola oil is better for you heart, compared to other oils. . Vegatible and olive oil are also good for salad dressings.

How to cook?

Well, it depends on what you're going to cook. So if you tell me (or some one else) what you want to learn to cook that would be helpful :)

How do you cook in a cooking competion on webkinz?

Well, it depends on how well you do at the"KinzVille Academy". If you've done well in the cooking class then there is more chance you will win. So you can't really cook.

What to do after cooking?

Wash your hands but if there was egg involved separate your dishes from the egg because they have salmonella in them and you could get very sick from it. Wash everything that doesn't have egg on it first to avoid getting sick then after everything wash your hands again. .

What can you cook?

Well, this is really a hard question to answer, because you can cook things from chicken to almost anything! Here are some basic ones, chicken, beef, cake, pie, and wine.

What did Captain James Cook name the first colony of Australia?

James Cook did not name the first colony of Australia. He sailed up the eastern coast 18 years before the continent was colonised. Cook claimed the eastern half of Australia as New South Wales , and recommended that the site of Botany Bay be colonised. However, when Arthur Phillip led the First ( Full Answer )

What can you cook in?

If you mean vessels, you can cook in pots, pans, skillets, dutch ovens, crock pots, griddles, etc. If you mean equipment, you can cook in ovens, microwaves, etc. If you mean locations, you can cook in kitchens, over campfires, etc. If you mean apparel, you can cook in clothing, aprons, shoes.

Can you cook out bacteria from cooked meats?

Yes, but it cant be poorly cooked, it has to be well done. Not true. Most meats can be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 140 degrees destroying any harmful bacteria. The meat will be juicy and flavorful. My mother used to cook turkeys to past 160 degrees and it was always dry. Remember w ( Full Answer )

What did colonial cooks cook?

Colonial cooks cooked whatever was available, and this was often whatever wild animals were native to a given area. Many colonists had their own livestock, which was also prepared for meals. This may have included pigs, cattle (beef) and sheep.

Can fish be cooked and then cooked again?

Depending on the type of dish e.g a fish fillet i wouldn't recommend, however fish pies ect, if frozen or recently made sure, as with chicken make sure it is piping hot inside first!

How do you cook cooking bananas?

Bananas are very versatile. They can be grilled, baked into bread, served with ice cream, and put in a pan with some brown sugar to caramelize.

What is the meaning of cook it down in cooking?

The meaning of "cook it down" means to basically tenderize thefibers of the protein or food item in question. For example, towant to "cook down" onions, you would want to saute them until theyare translucent, or caramelized.

What snails do cooks use in cooking?

Commonly, they are known by the French word Les Escargots...which means snails. Food always sounds better with a French name. Helix pomatia is most often eaten. Helix aspersa you will often find steamed and served as a tapa in Spain. The cork with the pins in it is for picking the meat out of th ( Full Answer )

What foods and cooking did the colonials eat?

the colonists ate whatever the Indians ate. things like corn bread turkey butter and much more simple things. they did not eat burger king or things like that

What style of cooking is tandori cooking?

Contrary to common belief, many people think that the word "tandoori" refers to a recipe, yet it can be better described as method of cooking. While a tandoor can be used to prepare breads but is also commonly used for preparing marinated meats or vegetables over an intense charcoal fire. A tandoo ( Full Answer )

Who did colonial women cook for as a job?

I'm not sure but I know they helped with their family's farm and made products that the family needed like churning butter and taking care of crops. The enslaved African women on the other hand took care of cash crops like tobacco on the estates. They probably had to cook also because they had to ta ( Full Answer )

Do you cook cook collard and then freeze them?

You can, but it isn't necessary, you can just wash them remove the large stems cut them up let them dry then put them in zip lock bags seal them up forcing as much air out of the bag before putting in the freezer. Or you can cook them first then put them in either bags or containers along with some ( Full Answer )

What is the cooking temperature for cooking haddock?

HERE IS A HADDOCK RECIPE THAT NEVER FAILS ME! 4 medium haddock fillets (thawed), 1tsp pepper, 4tbsp melted butter, 1/2c. lemon juice, 1tbsp basil, 1/4c. lime juice First, preheat oven to 350. Then, mix all the ingredients except for the fillets in a bowl. Then, lay all 4 fillets in a baking ( Full Answer )

What do pastry-cooks cook?

Basically, a pastry chef cooks pastries. I don't want to be so blunt here. Pastries are food items that are prepared through baking. Cakes, pies and similar dishes would be examples.

What does cook mean in cooking tearms?

I'm pretty sure it means to actually cook something. 'Cook' in non-cooking terms can meet to actually cook something or the chef. But in proper cooking vocabulary, chef refers to the person cooking.

Do good cooks cook good?

No, there isn't a chance that a good cook would cook good if youtold him/her to make an ice-cream sundae topped with whipped cream,jelly beans, and chocolate mounds with a side table of kiwi cut tolook like spongebob. === Only if he or she is grammatically challenged.

Do you have to be a cook be able to cook for party's?

Type your answer here... No definitely not! You can always use a roaster or get a caterer for your event . Or depending what type of party good ole hot dogs do just the trick for kids parties. Kids don't care about meat or crazy casseroles or things like that. Roasters are great for soups stews ch ( Full Answer )

What you do in cooking?

you create different food, sometimes you make the same food but with different tastes and textures. it all depends on the recipe or what you are improvising with.

Did the aborigines become a colony of Captain Cook?

No. James Cook did not make anyone or anything a colony. Cook named the east coast of Australia 'New South Wales" and claimed it for England.He later recommended it as suitable for Great Britain to establish a penal colony. He disregarded the indigenous people, declaring the continent 'Terra Nullius ( Full Answer )

What does a cook measure while cooking?

During the production line, not to say that simply rely on a sand making machine can be completed,Cost To Hire A Mobile Crusher In South Africa but need different types of crusher to cooperate to complete. But they were in the sand is how to cooperate? Is a basic lime sand stone production line for ( Full Answer )

When did Captain Cook discover or claim Australia as a British colony?

James Cook was not a captain, but a lieutenant, when he claimed the eastern coast of Australia. He did not discover the continent, as there were many other explorers who came to the land first. He claimed the eastern coast, excluding Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania), in August 1770.

When do you cook?

You cook when you want to prepare a hot meal, which may be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

How are they cooked?

Hot dogs are cooked over an open BBQ, turning regularly to get an even cook all through the hot dog.