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Colonial milliner's used the tools from a blacksmith.

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What tools did colonial milliners use?

Milliners would use thimbles, needles, thread, and irons.

What kind of tools do milliners use?

The tools of a colonial milliner where thimbles, neddles, irons, cloth, and thread.

What tools did the milliners use in the colonial time?

Milliners used needles just like us to day they would trade / buy them from a local blacksmithand they would use irons they got to iron the clothes they made or where making.

Was a milliner important in the colonial times?

Yes, milliners in the colonial times were basically where you would get your clothing in the colonial times.

What did colonial milliners use to make hats?

they used straw, wood and twigs

The middle classes in Colonial America consisted of?

The middle classes of Colonial America consisted of merchants, lawyers, and doctors. It also included those who worked in trades such as milliners, silversmiths, and blacksmiths.

Did milliners have apprenticeship?

milliners made lottery tickets, jewelry, hats, game boards, aprons, textile mills that is what the milliners made

What are milliners?

Milliners are hat makers. To add to that they also make clothing.

Where did colonial basket makers get their tools?

They got their tools from up their but!

What did colonial children use for tools?

Colonial children children used wooden tools like: forks,spoons,and every everyday tools and they were all wooden.

What do milliners do?

Milliners mostly design, produce and sell women's hats, and clothing.

Who earned money in the 18th century?

Well for colonial Williamsburg blacksmiths silversmiths goldsmiths milliners tailors shoe maker and wig makers.Randomdude172

Where do colonial basket makers get their tools?

they got their tools from neighborhood blacksmiths

What tools did a colonial pewterer use?

what tools do olonial pewters use

What tools and supplies did colonial school masters use?

The main tools that schoolmasters used from the colonial times were, pencils,chalk, and a big stick

What did colonial gunsmiths use?


What did a milliner do in colonial times?

a milliner madeshirtsshiftsapronsneckerchiefscapscloakshoodshatsmuffsrufflestrim for gownsin colonial times. milliners also repaired them too.They also sold imported goods.

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