Where did colonist get their guns?

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What is a gun?

A gun is a projectile weapon. It launches one or more projectiles from a tube by means of gas. If the gas is produced by burning the gun is classified a firearm. If the gas is compressed by means of a spring or fed from a reservoir the gun is classified an air gun. Guns intended to be fired from ( Full Answer )

Who were the colonists?

The colonists were early people who farmed and made their own tools and furniture. They also got food from England, but they often sent the food and tools too late. the st Augustine colony came from Spain and the Jamestown colony came from England. oh,and many more.

How did the colonists live?

They lived in some food shortages but the colonists that lived there lived in peace because they had religious freedom.

What are colonists?

People in one place that come form another land and are still ruled by the government of the land they left.. A Colony is a region that is governed by another country. So the people who live there are colonist. They could be originally from that area. Example, in the 1800's many European countries ( Full Answer )

What did the colonists wear?

Everything they wore was homemade There were no stores to buy stuffin. There was also no restaurants. When they got off the ships fromEurope they had to hunt for food and make their own clothing. Itwas a very rough life. Think about it. They left family behind andbasically took as little as they cou ( Full Answer )

Why were the colonist taxed?

Because King George thought 'if I'm paying all this money for the colonist who DON'T like me then shouldn't they be paying me back with their money?

What did the colonists did for fun?

the colonists worked long and hard hours, but in there free time, they did useful things such as house raising,( built houses for people) had horse races, and the men would often go to taverns. the women would often go have quilting contests, and the kids would spin tops, fly kites, have races, and ( Full Answer )

Where did the colonist live?

In America, the first colony was on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, but it did not survive. Called the Lost Colony, it lasted about 3 years. The first permanent colony was at Jamestown, Virginia, and it was followed by the Massachusetts Colony at Plymouth, MA.

How did the colonists protest?

The The North American colonists of modern day were upset because they were being taxed without representation. Thus, these colonists boycotted British manufactured goods, tried to negotiate with British Parliament for representation, wrote pamphlets, formed a continental congress, wrote the Declara ( Full Answer )

Were the patriots colonists?

The Patriots were the American colonists who rebelled against theBritish in the American Revolution. The American colonists whostayed loyal to the British and were against the Patriots werecalled Loyalists.

What did colonists do on Sunday?

Sunday was the Lord's Day and considered a day of rest. Colonists attended religious services in meetinghouses. Often times services would last three or four hours. Colonists did not do any work on Sunday. In fact they could do no housework, play games or even shave.

What did the colonists play?

The colonists worked long and hard hours, but in there free time, they did useful things such as house raising,( built houses for people) had horse races, and the men would often go to taverns. The women would often go have quilting contests, and the kids would spin tops, fly kites, have races, and ( Full Answer )

What did colonist eat?

In the beginning American cookery was Native American. All products were natural; fish and game were plentiful and food that was not eaten fresh was dried or smoked. Although they brought things with them from the Old World and some different cooking methods aspects changed little for over a century ( Full Answer )

What can a gun do?

A gun can either save a life or destroy a life. It depends on what you mean, and the previous answer is incomplete. Guns have various uses. Some people hunt with them, some people collect them, some people use them for target practice, some people use them to compete in shooting sports, and some p ( Full Answer )

Where did the colonists from?

Colonists came from England in many different groups. The most famous ones were the settlement of Jamestown and the Settlement of New England.

How do you get a gun?

first yu would have to kno someone with one then y u ask for the number of the person they got it from,if they ask if yu wanna buy that one than buy it [only if he's not a cop nd if y u have money] then after that u go to jail forever

How did the colonist win?

With the French aid to America, and they blocked off the harbor to Yorktown and they aided in many other battles, along with giving supplies to the colonists.

Why did the colonist boycott?

The most tangible colonial protes to the Townshend Act was the revival of an agreement not to import British goods, especially luxury products. The Non-importation agreement slowly grew to include merchants in all of the colonies, with the exception of New Hampshire. Within a year importation from B ( Full Answer )

What does a gun do?

By itself, nothing. When a person loads it with ammunition and activates the firing mechanism, a projectile is expelled.

Can you but a gun?

We may have two two questions here- can you BUY a gun, and can you BUILD a gun? And the answer to both is: That depends. BUYING a gun depends on the laws where you live- your age, background, and the type of gun. In general, you will need to be an adult, without a history of criminal conduct or ment ( Full Answer )

Why were the colonists mad?

The colonists were mad at Brittain because the King was running a Tyranny(abusing his power) They were being taxed on things that they shouldn't, could only trade with England, and soldiers had burned their towns and killed their people.

What is the GUN?

They are Guardian Units of the Nations. They first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2.. They are Guardian Units of the Nations. They first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2.

What do you have to do to get a gun?

Be the right age and have the money to buy the gun, pass abackground check, and be responsible!!!!!! --- There are no background checks required to purchase guns fromindividuals in the majority of states. And if one has aconcealed-carry license they can avoid the federal NICS backgroundcheck when p ( Full Answer )

Did the colonists have refrigerators?

Colonists did not have refrigerators. some organized colonies would build a log cabin that they packed snow in during the winter. It was so packed that it formed ice and lasted for months. They could store some food and the like in it but most food storage was done with salt preservation.

Who was the leader of the colonists?

There was no single leader of the colonists. Every colony had various prominent men who played a leadership role. And this is true whether you are talking about the founding of the colonies, their development over time, or the revolutionary period.

How did colonist get to Piedmont?

The Piedmont is a plateau which begins at the fall line. The fall line is called that because it is the place where waterfalls separate the Piedmont Plateau from the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Boats can go up the rivers from the ocean to the fall line. They stop there. That is how they got to the Piedm ( Full Answer )

How can you characterize the colonists?

Colonists are those who are dependent or like to act superior. They use their colonies for business/trade or implant their own culture on them. For example, Britain colonized India, creating the British Raj. After this time, they had full control of their fabric factories and used them to have their ( Full Answer )

Was the colonist independent?

well i think that they were more of followers because they all did everything together almost. they did the same things and never did much different so i would say no they are not inderpendent at all.

Was the colonists Christian?

only until protestant religion arise did anyone start being "Christian". There were many Catholics in the northern part of the early US and Baptism came from the south so yes there were

What did the british do to colonists?

The British took over the colonist because they had to pay taxes from the french and Indian war to repay the damage Hope i helped you!

Can you get guns?

you question is to vague, I personally could probably obtain non-automatic weapon if I had a reason to, however I can see no appropriate use for one because I have no desire to harm or threaten any one. There are other reasons to own a gun besides just harming another person. Many people collect th ( Full Answer )

How did colonist get advice?

they asked elderly and wise people. Back then there really wasn't anyone or anything to get advice from. Often times Benjamen Franklin was some one to go to if it was a big issue. Other times if it was a petty problem they would go to their parents

What right did colonist have?

Colonists, such as the European people who colonised the American continent, believed they had the right to settle in those lands because they were "unclaimed" by anyone else (e.g. not part of another European state). Generally speaking they did not recognise any native American countries and also c ( Full Answer )

What did the colonist get paid?

They usually trade the supplies they have with the ones they need.( In the southern colonies tobacco was the most valuable thing they can trade, farmers made a lot of profit either selling them pr trading them).

What were the colonists influenced by?

They were influenced by the British because they taxed the colonists, they had so many rules and the colonists were loosing their job and many people in the battles. But it was all worth it because now there is a new nation.

What freedom did colonists get?

Freedom from Great Britain. They hated it there so they moved to the USA. Then when the king commanded them to return at once, they denied him and lived there lives out like how it is today! (Without all the inventions we have today like the Xbox 360) (Waffle Gamers Unite!)

Did the colonists have lasers?

If the colonists had lasers I do not think there would have been as many American casualties in during their revolution... to answer your question, no, lol :)

What do colonists do when they land?

I expressed my thanks for a safe ocean voyage and kissed the ground. The original colonists may have had a national flag readied for planting.

Why did colonists do quillery?

The colonists did quillery to make something nice from practicallynothing. If they had little scraps of paper that they didn't needthey would use it to quill

What did the colonist cook with?

they used cast iron pots and pans and cast iron whisks and ladles they use very crudley made campfire stoves kinda like in a movie with a witch and the HUGE black pot only thiers were small and not shaped like that

What you can do with a gun?

You can hunt, compete with fellow marksmen, defend yourself, andimpress your friend, if that's what they like.

What did the colonist do in Jamestown?

They didnt do anything. They were lazy. They only went there tofind gold. Thats what they get for only settling rich lazy peoplewith no kind of work skilss

When did you get guns?

In my case, I got my first gun the day I was born (present from myGrandad). For most young people, it would be when they are oldenough to follow instructions, and behave in a trustworthy mannner.Our children grew up in a farming community, and got their firstgun at age 10-12. Some people are ready s ( Full Answer )