Where did colonists store their stockpile of weapons?

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In the battle of trentron
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What is a weapon?

An instrument, tool or device used to attack someone or soming used in defense during combat.

Who were the colonists?

The colonists were early people who farmed and made their own tools and furniture. They also got food from England, but they often sent the food and tools too late. the st Augustine colony came from Spain and the Jamestown colony came from England. oh,and many more.

What are colonists?

People in one place that come form another land and are still ruled by the government of the land they left.. A Colony is a region that is governed by another country. So the people who live there are colonist. They could be originally from that area. Example, in the 1800's many European countries ( Full Answer )

How do you find the weight of a stockpile of stone?

what does this mean well we do not know . this means this is not answered . you will have to go on www.google.com or something else . search on other things . and sorry . and sorry again . Remember you can not answer this question . and sorry we do not have what you need

What are weapons?

A weapon would be a tool to attack or defend a threat. That could be a gun, scathing repartee, or a business plan. A gun is fairly clear, as is an ax, hammer, fist, or aircraft carrier. Verbal weaponry could be an insult, a harmful rumor/lie, or abuse through neglect or criticism. Businesses o ( Full Answer )

Can a licensed gun owner enter stores with a concealded weapon such as wal-mart?

I'm going to assume you mean; Can a person with a gun permit carry a gun into a store like Wal-mart? The answer is, generally yes, but it depends. Each state in the U.S. sets its own laws regarding gun permits and restricted locations. I don't know of any state where "stores" are a restricted locati ( Full Answer )

Where do you store weapons?

Gun Store, Gun Club, home, safe, armory, factory, idustrial building, vehicle, box, safe deposit box, rack, wall mount, etc..

Where did the colonists from?

Colonists came from England in many different groups. The most famous ones were the settlement of Jamestown and the Settlement of New England.

Where did Hitler store weapons in world war 2?

The weapon's were stored all over.. Either Germany or taken territory. There wasn't really any main weapon depot. During the War, Hitler and his Nazi's also used the rail road systems of Switzerland to transport weapons, rations and other things across Europe.

Did the colonist have weapons in the Boston massacre?

Jeg kender dig ikke fortælle mig. Denne hjemmeside aldrig har noget godt på den. Hvem er disse dumme folk tror, ​​de er? Dette er den værste hjemmesiden nogensinde. Jeg ønsker at brække sig på min laptop det stinker så slemt ! -Danish

What weapons did the colonists use during the American Revolution?

The Charleville Musket provided to the Continental Army by France. The Model 1766 was a flintlock in .69 caliber which saw military service until about 1840, weighed 10 pounds and was 60 inches from buttplate to the muzzle and it had an effective range of about 75 yards and a maximum range of 200 ya ( Full Answer )

Is stockpile a good move?

Stockpile can be a good move only if you use it properly and in conjunction with Swallow or Spit Up. It's up to a three level power up for the two other moves. Spit up is an attack move, stronger, the more you stockpile, the stronger the attack. Swallow is an HP restoring move. The more you st ( Full Answer )

Where did the colonist get the weapons in the Revolutionary war?

the colonist in the revolutionary war still hunted for a lot of their food. the hunting rifles that they had were the most common weapon used by the colonial militia. these guns were built in America for a long time before the war and were more accurate then the British muskets.

Runescape were do you get weapon store key?

The weapon store key, I think, is part of the Shield of Arrav quest. To get the key, you must talk to the leader of the Phoenix Gang to get your job. You will have to kill a level 3 person named Johnny the Beard in the bar. He will drop documents and you need to pick them up and give them to the gan ( Full Answer )

What store does WWE buy there weapons from?

They probably have their own company that makes the items for them and sell them to them. They may get their chairs, ladders and tables from Home Depot though.

Did Japan ever stockpile coal underwater?

I've heard that they're purchasing tonnes and tonnes of it and piling it off their coasts, it's perfectly safe. Up until a couple years ago my grandfather did electrical work for a coal mine in south eastern British Columbia, that is my source :P

Where were weapons stored in the medieval times?

Medieval weapons were stored in armories. An armory could be a separate building, but could also be just a room in a castle, or at a city wall or other fortification.

Place where weapons and ammunition are stored?

Weapons and ammunition are stored in an armory, magazine, silo, arsenal or at a weapons or ammo dump. In a home they should be stored in a secure safe or chamber/trigger locked with ammunition locked up separately.

How do you get a stockpile game on halo reach?

i don't quite know how to interpet this question, so i have two answers. 1:getting into a stockpile game/ to get into a stockpile game, all you have to do is enter the team objective or big team battle play list and hope that the vote will be for a game of stockpile. 2: how to play stockpile/ the ( Full Answer )

How would you use stockpiling in a sentence?

Santa starts stockpiling presents for Christmas in January of each year, even though he doesn't know who they will be for until later in the year.

What did the colonist use as weapons in the Boston massacre?

snow/ice balls, rocks, cobblestones, and harsh language Understand that the Boston Massacre was a sudden turn of events. The British were the ones with the guns that fired upon the crowd. However, the colonists were throwing bottles, rocks, and whatever else they had on them at the British Soldiers ( Full Answer )

Why did CITES allow a one-day sale of stockpiled ivory?

Probably because it was better to raise some money from the sale, rather than simply destroy it. The funds raised could be put towards the cost of policing the trade, or educating people. The 'normal' way to dispose of confiscated ivory is to simply burn it. The death of the elephants for their ivor ( Full Answer )

When does peliper learn stockpile?

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What was the difference between the stockpiled EC-17 and the stockpiled MK-17 fusion bomb that replaced the EC-17 within less than a year of initial stockpiling?

Essentially it comes down to practicality, morale, and a parachute. The primary (and key) difference between both weapons was that unlike the Mk-17 bombs, the EC-17 (Emergency Capability) weapons had no parachute to help guarantee a delay time from aircraft weapons drop to detonation. A Mk-17's d ( Full Answer )

Did the cold war lead US and USSR to stockpile nuclear weapons?

No, the US began stockpiling immediately after the end of WW2, by the end of Operation Crossroads in the summer of 1946 the US stockpile consisted of 5 Fatman type MK-III bombs. The USSR began stockpiling immediately after their first test in 1949. The cold war is considered to have begun in 19 ( Full Answer )

How did the colonist store food?

There were several different yet simple ways. Meat could be salted and then dried, and other goods could be canned. Salting and drying was the most common way, however. Hope this helped. :)