Where did colorguard come from?

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When there were wars everywhere, alongside the drummers and the pipers, there were people who carried flag banners. They were called Guardsmen and they "guarded their colors." This eventually turned into what it is today. If you want to be sure I didn't miss anything, (which I probably did) you can go to colorguardcorner.com and check it out there.
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Where do you put your hands on a colorguard rifle when tossing a single double and triple Also for a saber Please help i really want to do good in colorguard?

It depends on your guard instructor. But mostly, your right hand two or three inches from the tip of the rifle, and your left hand an inch or so from the spotter (The gold thing). Then for Sabre (For colorguard, it's spelled 'Sabre'), you catch on the black tape that's the farthest to the tip, and o ( Full Answer )

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When did colorguard?

Color Guard is an all year sport, but during the winter it changes from Color guard to winter guard when you preform inside by yourself s and not outside with the Band.

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In colorguard how do you do a double for flags?

Left hand is over, right hand is under, and about 1/3 into the silk from the middle. Then push with left hand, pull with right, and your release hand (your right hand) should be completely extended. Catch in the middle with your right hand, and left hand should be about 1/4 or so in the pole from th ( Full Answer )

How do you make colorguard?

In order to make a colorguard (flag line) team........ you have to be ready to work hard and get ready to get alot of sun tan lotion!lol! When you go to tryout out you dont have to be the best dancer or anything you just have to try as hard as you can and you will get better and better! Dont cry and ( Full Answer )

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How do you clean a colorguard rifle?

If you're a neat freak like me: it's easy. First get all 'bad' tape off. Get a warm, wet washcloth and lightly scrub off the dirt with the washcloth. Get a towel and dry. Reapply new tape. - That's basically it...

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What are basic move in colorguard?

Well for the guard that i am on....... the basic moves for across the floors are: . jazz walks . jazz runs . sote` . posse` . peake` . and etc. . Basic flag moves are: . Drop spins . Double fast spins . tosses (Pitch (45), Single, and a Double) . Basic for Rifles: . Drop Spins . Tracks ( Full Answer )

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What are the risks of doing colorguard?

About the same as Athletics. It depends though. If you don't stretch before hand you can almost guarantee that you will pull something. Especially if you don't stretch your wrists. If you are doing complicated work, things can get a little more dangerous. Like helicopters(tossing the flag right over ( Full Answer )

What is the history of colorguard rifle?

Well.....the rifle was and is used to escort(march next to the American flag) in the military or at any special event in the honor guard. Then it was slowly introduced to a drill team which then started in schools and then they merged into the colorguard(usually associated with a marching band). Now ( Full Answer )

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compulsory natural force of attraction between opposite sexual desire is the cause of my arrival.

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You are a child of the most high. You have a creator, a father, a friend. He loves you very much. Your journey here is a test to see if you can make it back to him.

How did colorguard start?

During the time of the Civil War, army's would have pipers anddrummers, who had kept the whole army in beat and kept the army'sspirits up. Along with the pipers and drummers, they always sent asoldier to carry their flag or their "colors". And this is how thefirst guardsmen started. After time, the ( Full Answer )

Is colorguard only for girls?

For those outside the US and the uninitiated, colorguard is flagtwirling after the military style, often incorporating props anddance routines. Colorguard, is a boy and girl activity. Boys inmany schools are in colorgurard and enjoy it.

Does Harvard have colorguard?

Harvard doesn't have an official colorguard squad, but it does usetwirlers and the like occasionally.

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