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Where did columbus land in america?

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Where did Columbus land and what did he discover?

Christopher Columbus landed in America and he discovered America

When did Columbus land in America?


When did Columbus finally land in north America?

Columbus finally arrived in america Thursday, October 1492

Where did columbus actually land in 1492?

in america

Where did Columbus land in north America?

Columbus landed on the American continent in Honduras

Who claimed America after Christopher Columbus landed in the US?

Columbus wasn't the explorer who "found" America. The Native Americans were. They used a land bridge made from glaciers. Columbus was thinking he was in India (the spice land).

Did Christopher Columbus ever land in North America?

No, he did not

What year did christopher Columbus land in America?


Who was the first adventure to land in America?

Christopher Columbus

What yea did Christopher Columbus land on America?


What country did Columbus land in?

the Bahamas, which was part of America

What was the new land Columbus discovered known as?


What year did Columbus land in America?

Columbus never landed in America. In 1492 he found an island in the Bahamas called Hispaniola.

What land did Christopher Columbus explore?

He explored North America.

Where did columbus land on his first voyage to america?

Plymonth Rock

What continent that Christopher Columbus land on?

America but he thought he was in spain.

Did christopher Columbus ever land in what is called the US of America?


Who was with Christopher Columbus when he discovered America?

Columbus did NOT discover America, but with him in 1492 was Ponce de Leon who DID land on the tip of Florida a few years later. Columbus never knew that North America existed.

What happened after the discovery of America?

Christopher Columbus gave land to the Spaniards.

When did the vikings land in America?

whwn did the vikings land in America

Importance of voyage of Christopher Columbus?

if christipher Columbus did not find America wew would not live in this beautiful land.

What part of land did Christopher Columbus claim?

something in America...check Google history pages for cristopher Columbus

What were the American like before Columbus?

Columbus didn’t land in North America and was only in the Bahamas. There was also no “America” in 1492, but North America was a vast land of resources and millions of Native Americans living and using what they found in all the regions.

How did the native Americans get there land?

when the indians first came to america they civilized then when columbus came and colonized america the indians began loosing their land

When did Columbus set sail and when did he land in America?

Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain on the 3rd August 1492 and landed in America on the 12th October 1492.