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Where did conley lewellen come from found in early marshall county Mississippi 1860?

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2007-07-05 04:30:45

Do you have a birth or death date for Conley Lewellen? And how

about names of his Parents,wife or children? If you do please add

them here and I will see what I can find for you. I have found a

Conley Lewellen in the Marshall County Mississippi area for that

time but I want to be sure to have correct information to give you.


I have search for Conley Lewellen first in Mississippi. I find a

Conley Lewellen in Marshall County Mississippi getting married on

Sept.25 1872 in Marshall Co. to a Amanda Doud. Conley states that

he wad born in Mississippi.He is a farmer. On the 1880 census he

states he is 29 years old. Also I see that he doesn't know where

his father was born but that his mother was born in North Carolina.

The children are as shown

1. Ginks age 6 born is Ms(m)

2.Levy age 5 born in Ms(m)

3.Charles age 1 born in Ms(m)

4.Conley LewellenJr(JR NOT SHOWN ON CENSUS)age 1month born in


The family lived in Early Grove,Marshall County Mississippi

Conley was born in 1851. Amanda born 1856 in Tennessee. The

Lewellen surname I have found is also spelled Lewellyn. Amanda's

married name I found this way. So when looking search with both

name spelling.

So from what little bit I found for ou it seems Conley was from

Mississippi. There is a possibility that his parents came from

North Carolina or his father could have been from Mississippi Good


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