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Nashville Tennessee!!!!!!! and the musical instrament they used where mostly fiddles, bass Guitars, acustic guitars and stuff like that. They would usually be cowboys wearin' cowboy hats and ctuff like that.


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What country did pop music come from?

what country does pop music come from

How did country music be come famous?

Nashville, Tennessee is famous for country music because it is the birthplace of country music. Most people heard it and liked the new music

What country did the blues music come from?


Which country does Reggae music come from?


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What country did rock and roll music come from?

Rock music originated in America out of a mix of influences such as blues and country.

What country did rock music come from?

United States.

What country does Samba music come from?

john mccarthy

Which country does samba music come from?

samba music comes from brazil and parts of africa

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What country did samba music come from?

Samba music comes from the country Brazil. Samba music is a Brazilian interpretation on traditional African drum rhythms. Samba music is often accompanied by a carnival.

Why does everyone hate country music?

not everyone hates country music. really, do people come here and ask stupid questions just to get a kick...

What country did salsa music come from?

Salsa is latin so south america.

What state or country did classical music come from?

It didn't really "come" from anywhere, but there were a lot of composers in Austria and germany.

Why was country music called hillbilly music?

country music is called hillbilly music because hillbilly music comes from country music.

What country did gospel come from?

Gospel did not come from a specific country. What we know of the music today has accumulated over many generations of family tales passed down to children

How do you say my favorite music is country music?

You say "My favorite music is country music."

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Some of the Country Music Hits of 1967 Included:Walk Through This World With Me - George Jones - #1 on country music charts.Jackson - Johnny Cash with June Carter - #2 on country music charts.Don't Come Home A' Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind) - Loretta Lynn - #1 on country music charts.There Goes My Everything - Jack Greene - #1 on country music charts.The Last Thing On My Mind - Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner - #7 on country music charts.I Don't Wanna Play House - Tammy Wynette - #1 on country music charts.

The kalungu is a type of drum used in African music. From which country does this drum come?


Which Caribbean country does calyso music come from?

Calypso is original to the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

What is a best music for country people?

country music

Why was country music created?

why was country music created

What is Country Music Television's motto?

Country Music Television's motto is 'Get country.'.

When did the blues music come out?

where did blues music come from?

Is pop music or country music more popular?

Country music is more popular in the U.S.