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Where did cuckoo clocks come from?


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The first Cuckoo Clock was designed in Augsburg, Bavaria in 1629 however production of cuckoo clocks began in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) region some time in the 18th century.


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No. Some people think cuckoo clocks come from Switzerland, but they don't. Cuckoo clocks come from the Black Forest, which is in Germany.

For cuckoo clocks it is the black forest area of Germany

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The continent of Europe would be a good guess. Germany, with its plethora of cuckoo clocks would be a country.

Cuckoo clocks were usually invented in the Black Forest (Germany). This area in southwest Germany developed during the 17th century a cottage industry in clockmaking.

cuckoo clocks were invented in Germany around 1730

the father of the cuckoo clock is Franz Anton Kitterer from Triberg Germany in the Black Forest region. This is where the first cuckoo clocks were built. To this day they still build black forest cuckoo clocks there.

there are many different designs and styles of cuckoo clocks. Every builder of cuckoo clocks design their own style of clock either a chalet style clock or a farmhouse style. They may have moving figurines on them. Also all these clocks are hand painted.

cuckoo clocks can range in price from $100.00 dollars up to $3 to 4000.00 depending on where and when the clock was built

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Cuckoo clocks are not typically found in your average department store. One could find a traditional cuckoo clock for sale at a clock specialty store.

cuckoo clocks were first built in eastern Germany around the black forest region. In a couple small towns of Triberg and Furtwangen

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Lots of the small to towns around the black forest area have small shops where you can buy cuckoo clocks like Triberg, Furtwangen

The Howard Miller Company specializes in chiming wall and mantle clocks. August Schwer, Rombach & Haas and Robert Herr manufacture cuckoo clocks under the Black Forrest Cuckoo Clocks name. Cuckoo clocks are those where a bird appears through a small trap door in time with the hourly chime followed by twelve melodies (one for each hour).

The Black Forest Clocks produce starting in the 17th century. Black Forest Clocks are Clocks everywhere on the world. Black Forest Clocks stands for quality cuckoo clocks from germany.

Cookoo clocks come in many sizes. They are made by different companies and can come from anywhere in the world. You need to give us more details.

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You can get one on eBay for 50 USD - but special hand crafted black forest cuckoo clocks reach prices up to 1000 USD and more.

Germany. The Black Forest. Switzerland for watches.

Around the area of Triberg and Futawagen

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