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The following areas were fought over in WWI (Britain against the Ottoman Empire) and are being fought over again: 1. Palestine 2. Mesopotamia (Iraq)

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Does dog fighting still occur to this day?

Unfortunately, yes:(.

By time the US entered world war 2 the allies were fighting who?

They were still fighting the Germans

What does the election term battleground mean?

A "battleground state" is a state whose electoral votes are still up for grabs because early polls cannot detect a probable winner in that state's election. Since a battleground state can still be won by either candidate, it becomes a battleground for the competing candidates and their candidacies as they fight it out toe to toe to win that state's popular vote. Example, Arizona is not a battleground state, because it is McCain's home state and it will vote for McCain. Same for Illinois and Obama.

When was Still Fighting It created?

Still Fighting It was created on 2002-04-09.

What is the still birth rate in India?

One fourth of all still births world wide occur in India.

Are the Israelis and the Palestinians still fighting?

Israel is still fighting Hamas, but not the other Palestinians.

Is Chuck Liddell still fighting today in the UFC?

is chuck liddell still fighting

Are there still Isiralites fighting?

Yes, they are still fighting the same war they started when they left Egypt...

Is the fighting still going on in Mexico?

If you are referring to the drug-linked fighting, yes it is still going on.

Why is the Irish republic army still fighting?

You are referring to the Irish Republican Army or IRA and they are not still fighting.

How many british World War 2 veterans are still alive?

There are still nearly 1,300 veterans that are living after fighting in World War II. Many of these are from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Why did it take so long after the axis surrender to officially end World War 2?

Japan was still fighting.

What is Jon Fitch most noted for?

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Freed all of the slaves in the states that were still fighting against the Union?

The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 freed all the slaves of states that were still fighting against the union. The proclamation declare the civil war was a war to end slavery to the country and to the world.

Which year did dog fighting finish?

Dog fighting is still going on today.

Who were Germany's allies at the end of World War 2?

When Germany surrendered, its only partner in WWII that was still fighting was Japan.

Which event ended World War2 in Europe?

there is no clear event because Germany still kept on fighting in various areas

Are Jews and Muslims still fighting?

ya they are still fighting because the muslims threw out the jews from their land because they wanted a place to live so they are still fighting because the jews want their land back. and the muslims had no right to do it :(

Where Do Genocide Still Occur?

In darfur still to this day

Where can you download My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic?

You can't yet. My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic is still not finished and is still in testing phases.

Is menstruation still occur without having egg released from ovary?

Yes. Menstruation will still occur with out ovulation

Were the French still fighting Vietnam when the United States got involved?

Not in Vietnam they weren't. Maybe in some other parts of the world.

Which country is still fighting to get democracy?


Does the NAACP still exist and what does it do?

The NAACP still exists today, still fighting for the rights of minority.

Is roger huerta still in UFC?

No, Roger Huerta now is fighting for Bellator Fighting Championships.

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