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Where did gothic come from?

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The gothic sub-culture originated from England, from the Post-Punk genre. Most wear Victorian and Medieval influenced clothes. There are two main notciebale styles of goth. The first is the 'Karma' Goth, who wears the gothic clothes but does not follow it as a religion. The second answers itself really. Here are a few goth/dark wave bands: Cradle of Filth Alice in Chains Cannibal Corpse Anal C*** (not sure if that is appropriate here)

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Did gothic fashion come from the gothic period?

No, only Gothic style architecture developed from the Gothic period. Fashion came later in the neo-gothic era.

Are gargoyles Gothic Architecture?

No they are not they are simply mythical canstructions that do not come under the gothic dictionarey.

What does gothic fiction mean?

try learning to spell, then come back and ask.

Where did Gothic art come from?

Gothic art is a type of medieval art. It originated in France in 12th century AD and was inspired from Romanesque art. It gained popularity in entire Europe subsequently.

What is gothic tradition?

The Gothic Tradition was a literary style that began in the mid-eighteenth century. These works usually contained something of the supernatural. The works are highly emotional with references towards important social issues of the time. Ghost and Vampire stories come from the Gothic Tradition.

What kind of music do goth people like?

Gothic music

When was the Gothic period?

Actually, the Gothic period went from the 12th - 16h century.There are the periods:Early English Gothic (1189-1271)Decorated Gothic (1271-1377)Perpendicular Gothic (1377-1547)

Is big ben a gothic building?

Not exactly but it is built in the Gothic style. Right, it is designed in the Gothic Style and interestingly the Westminster palace beside it is the Gothic buidling.

Is gothic 3 forsaken gods adding to the gothic 3 storyline or replacing it?

Gothic 3: FG is adding to the Orc path story of Gothic 3.

How do you use gothic in a sentence?

She wore Gothic clothing

What is a Gothic Church?

It is an church in an gothic artichecture style.

What is the Gothic Era?

Gothic era is divided into three periods:Early English Gothic (1189 - 1272)Decorated Gothic (1272 - 1377)Perpendicular Gothic (1377 - 1547)Each has distinct patterns, designs and art forms.

How do you get the gothic avatar on marapets?

The "Gothic" avatar can be obtained by using an Enchanted Gothic Sindi or Tantua plushie on your pet.

Is it a Christian thing to be gothic?

What really matters is if you practice Christianity. One can be a gothic Christian, or a gothic non-Christian.

Is Adam Lambert Gothic?

No, Adam Lambert is not Gothic. He is often mistaken for Gothic or Emo because of his appearance, but he is neither.

Where did the letter U come from?

The first distinction between the letters "u" and "v" is recorded in a Gothic alphabet from 1386

What does goth mean in Japanese?

i have been looking all over for an answer but the best i can come up with is gothicゴシック Goshikku

Is Ozzy Osbourne Gothic?

He is not Gothic. He just wears black...

Is gothic a religion?

No, gothic is not a religion. You might be thinking of Wicca.

What is a gothic poem?

I think a gothic poem has something about black in it.

Is Selena gomez gothic?

No, Selena Gomez is definitely not gothic.

What kind of girl is loved by Gothic boy?

a gothic girl?

Why is the gothic typeface called gothic?

The name means "Gotik"

Is Adam Gontier Gothic?

No, Adam Gontier is Catholic, not Gothic.

Is Korey Cooper gothic?

Korey Cooper is not Gothic, she is a Christian.