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Q: Where did hera the goddess spent most of her time?
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Where does Hera spend most of her time?

Hera was the goddess of the house-hold so I would think most of her time would be vigilating every Greek family for domestic bliss and discord.

Did Artemis love nature?

yes she was the goddess of the hunt and spent most of her time in the forest

Where does Hestia the Greek goddess spend most of her time?

Hestia spent most of her time tending the sacred hearth on Olympus.

What do you do to look like Hera?

All images of the Greek goddess Hera were imagined by artists based on the verbal lore they were at the time familiar with. Her image then is different but identifiable by her symbols, as is the case with most gods and goddess of ancient times. There is no one imagine for everyone to identify as 'Hera'.

When was the birth of the Greek goddess Hera?

Hera was immortal, and thus, ageless, so no time reference was given for her "birth".

When did the Greek goddess Hera live?

There is no time-line/chronology in Greek Mythology.

Where did Pandora the Greek goddess spend her time at?

Pandora was not a god she was the first created human so of course most of her time was spent on earth

What did Artemis do as a goddess?

The goddess Artemis spent most of her time hunting with her nymph companions, since she is the goddess of the hunt. Artemis was also said to protect women in childbirth, protect girls, and protect animals.

What god or goddess did Athens pray for?

Athens, the city, was named for the goddess Athena, therefore they prayed and spent a lot of their time praying to the goddess Athena.

What is the name of Hera mom?

Rhea, Titan Queen, mother of the gods, and a goddess of female fertility, motherhood, and generation. She was also a goddess of comfort and ease (in time).

What did Hera do?

Hera was the ancient Greek goddess of married women. She was a very jealous goddess. Every time a man would say to a woman:"You are the most beautiful woman in the world." or "You are more beautiful than Hera." She would go down to Earth and turn them into horrible creatures.Whenever her husband Zeus cheated, she would be very jealous. She would take out horrible revenge on the woman and her children.

What are facts about greek goddess Hera?

Some facts about Hera include the following: 1. She was the goddess of marriage. 2. She is jealous most of the time of Zeus and his girlfriends. 3. Hera was the reigning female of Olympus. 4. Hera was worshipped throughout Greece. 5. She was the enemy of Hercules. 6. She tried to kill Hercules as an infant. 7. Her Roman name is Juno. 8. She married Zeus. 9. She is Zeus' sister and wife. 10. Hera and Zeus had three children, Ares, Eris and Hephaestus

Were did hera spend most of her time in the myths?

in a cave

What were the rivals of the goddess Artemis?

Hera (of heaven) was a goddess that Artemis (of wilderness) quarreled with - though each time Hera beat her in the contest. In birth, Hera protected the women and Artemis the baby. Aphrodite could not touch the heart of Artemis, Hestia, and Athena. Artemis was further identified with Eos, Selene, Hecate, Despoine, and Britomartis or Diktynna.

Where does the Greek goddess Athen spend most of her time?

Athena being one of the twelve Olympians most likely spent time among the Olympian gods on Mount Olympus. Athena was also known as a helper of heroes.

Was Hera the very first Olympian goddess?

Kind of. Her sisters, Hestia and Demeter both became olympian goddesses at the same time she did

Where does ares spent most of his time?


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Is Aphrodite the goddess of love married to Zeus?

No because Hera was Zeus's wife and the Greeks could only marry one person at a time.

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