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hip hop originated in Bronx, New York.

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Q: Where did hip hop originate?
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Where did hip-hop originate?

Hip-hop started in the Bronx New York.

What country did hip hop originate?

hip hop originated in new york

Where did hip-hop music originate?


When did hip hop first originate?

it orignate in the woods

Where did the genre hip hop originate?

From some geeky dude who loved to sing and dance.

How did hip hop originate?

Hip-hop began 30 years ago in the South Bronx, a borough of New York City, a neighborhood that seemed to exemplify the bleakness of poor urban places.

Where did hip- hop originate?

Hip-hop started in the South Bronx. Hip hop singers, and break dancing was a way to be heard without violence. It is also said that Hip hop and even graffiti was a way to speak out against putting up the South Bronx express way. Graffiti was intentionally put on the trains so that it would be seen throughout New York. People wanted to be heard.

Where can one watch hip hop videos online?

One can watch Hip Hop videos online at any of the following places. Smash Beats, Hip Hop Galaxy, World Star Hip-Hop, Hip Hop Connection, Audio Tube Hip hop and Hip Hop Blips to name a few.

How do you say I love hip-hop in Spanish?

I love hip hop translates to Spanish as me encata el hip hop or me amo el hip hop.

Where did rap and hip hop originate?

It Started In New York as beatboxing then people started adding music to it.

Is it hip hop or hip-hop?

It's more correctly spelled hip-hop.

What does hip hop known as?

... hip hop?

What is hip hop fashion?

Hip hop fashion is fashion that comes from hip hop singers. Like if hip hop singer wore a dress then dresses would become hip hop fashion but is is not. i think hip hop fashion is more to do with what hiphop dancers wear, like baggy pants and hoodys.

How do you get to be hip hop star?

by being hip AND hop by being hip AND hop

Why is hip hop called hip hop?

Because the beats sound like hip hop.

What is the difference between southern hip hop and northern hip hop?

Southern hip hop is more lyrical.

How is instrumental hip hop different from ordinary hip hop music?

Instrumental hip hop music varies from traditional hip hop music as it incorporates more musical instruments. Traditional hip hop mainly has just a basic beat.

When did hip hop started?

when did hip hop start

Is hip hop a sport?

No hip-hop is a dance

How do you say hip hop in German?


How do you say hip hop in spanish?

hip hop

What do you call a person who likes hip hop?

Hip hop head

Is step up 3 rap or hip hop?

hip hop rap is when you rhyme hip hop is more broad then that.

Is it true there is a secret behind hip hop?

There is no real answer! hip hop is hip hop!

Is hip hop bad for teens?

hip hop is the music that brings kids together and they have fun dancing hip hop.