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Where did jimmy crack corn and i don't care originate from?


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It was a type of whiskey. Jimmy (the slave) cracked open a bottle of the master's corn whiskey and didn't care because the master went away (he died, fell of the horse)

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he is a stupid twit who smokes crak and does corn

The song Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care is a song that originates from the 1840's. The song was first written about a black slave that was upset over his white master's death. The lyrics were changed throughout the years and eventually turned out to be a popular children's song.

Go to and click on Cingular. Then click Jimmy crack corn.

The name of the song is Jimmy ( not Jenny) Crack Corn. So, having the right name may help you find the lyrics to the song.

because1. jimmy is on crack2. jimmy does not want to give up crackMotivational AnswerJimmy has a little thing called "perserverance." Someday, somewhere, someone will notice our little winner Jimmy and when that day comes, oh, how Jimmy will shine! It is the nature of Jimmys to crack corn.------------------------Who says nobody cares? According to the song, I (the singer) don't care. Paula cares, because when Jimmy runs out, she sells him more. Fred cares, because he is waiting to sweep the cracking room. Suzie cares because she plans to make a cracked corn cassarole.------------------------And, of course, as the lyric states, "The master's gone away..."

The song is "Jenny Crack Corn".Jenny is the name for a female mule and she is eating the master's corn.This is an old slave song originating about the time slaves were freed.All were not freed at the same time, some chose to stay as they had no place to go; but the former master was no longer their master.So, while Jenny is eating the corn the (former) slave doesn't care because the master has gone away.

I think the song you mean is "Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care." I think it's a folk song.

I want to take a shot at the phrase 'jimmie crack corn and I don't care' it means give me cracked corn which would be boiled cracked corn similar to oatmeal.

Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don't CareTo give the other FAQFarmers some context, the commerical goes like this://Soon to be son-in-law calls his soon to be father-in-law// "Mr. McDermot?""You can call me Jim, afterall you'll be my son-in-law in a few weeks. I want you to think of me as more of a buddy.""Okay Jim. Jimbo. The Jimster! Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care !!!"call goes dead***//Father in law is laughing on the other side but son in law can't hear him, so he thinks he's mad.//To answer the question, it does not appear that any part of this the acting in this commercial is computer generated, however the graphics before, during and after were definitely produced by a computer - in lieu of paper signs held up the camera. Interesting question!

I have never found an official answer to this but my own speculation has lead me to believe that "Cracking corn" is probably a euphemism for flatulence. (Imagine the sound of grinding rock hard dried corn kernels)

Fifty Cent and Eminem have done several songs together including: Don't Push Me, Patiently Waiting, Crack a Bottle, You Don't Know, and Jimmy Crack Corn.

The phrase "crack corn" is found in the tune Jimmy Crack Corn. It is extensively discussed at the appended link. The outcome is that the phrase likely means either "engage in idle chatter" (waste time by gossiping) or open a bottle (crack) of corn liquor - both activities that rich southerners would think their slaves would participate in once the owner's back was turned. Alternately, dried corn is a hard grain and must have the hard shell cracked to make it easier for poultry to eat (see Link). The task of cracking corn may have been one of the easier and less demeaning tasks for a slave to do on a farm.

I guess he was bored. but that doesn't make very much sence.........

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It originated from the Corn Man

You have to make sure that the sentence before it is independent, and has the same subject as the sentence you want to be dependent. Then you use a semicolon to separated the two sentences and remove the specific noun of the second sentence. Jimmy likes corn. Jimmy bought canned corn. Jimmy likes corn; therefore, he bought canned corn.

No, it will make them constipated and develop cancer.

Corn nakes have been traced back to 1676 in the South-eastern United States.

In Mexico in regions where corn is not easily grown.

No one knows for sure, but it is estimated that corn has been around for at least 6 or 7 thousand years.

Sweet corn occurs as a spontaneous mutation in field corn it was grown by several Native American tribes. The Iroquois tribe gave the first recorded sweet corn to the European settlers.

Cracking corn is a valid job on a farm, just something the help would be doing anyways. The character that is supposedly signing this song was accused of killing his master. (It is obvious from the other lyrics that this is a young slave boy) There was a trial and the verdict was that the old master's death was attributable to the irritation inflicted on a donkey by the blue-tailed fly. The slave boy is therefore returned to his former work of cracking corn and is no longer under the fear of execution - so you can see why he doesn't have any cares any more.

mabey JUST mmabey somebody did it could be a corn miricale...... either that or Jimmy was a sad EMO and wrote the song not realizing he was being a controdiction

Sopes are thick corn cakes like a tortilla. They originated in Mexico.

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