Where did lawn bowling come from?

The answer to the question depends on whose story you believe. According to British anthropologist Sir Flinders Petrie, the origins of the game date back to Egypt, 3200 B.C. He claims that some of the ancient artifacts he removed from the grave of a young boy were used in a primitive form of bowling. The Germans also claim a stake in the origination of the game. German historian William Pehle claims that the game originated in his country in 300 AD.

Whether it came from Ancient Egypt or Germany, one thing is known; the earliest account of the game comes from England in 1366. King Edward III allegedly outlawed the game to keep his troops from being distracted from their archery practice. Though they make no claims on inventing the modern game, England, France and Italy each still play games that likely came from a common source. Lawn bowling, pentanque and bocce respectively are too similar to have originated completely independently of each other.