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Mitochondria desend from aerobic bacteria.Chloroplast desend from photosynthetic bacteria.

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Do animals have chloroplast and plants have mitochondria?

No only plats have chloroplasts. Mitochondria are in both

Is the chloroplast or mitochondria bigger?



mitochondria and chloroplast are similar as chloroplast and mitochondria both are power houses of cell.chloroplast prepares food and mitochondria releases oxygen as both are providing power they are similar

Why is ribosomes present in chloroplast and mitochondria?

Yes ribosomes are present inn the chloroplast and mitochondria.

Compare mitochondria and chloroplasts?

compare mitochondria and chloroplast

Why are mitochondria green?

Mitochondria are not green. Chloroplast are green.

Role of mitochondria and chloroplast in cellular transaction?

chloroplast involves in gene expression and mitochondria for energy synthesis.

What do the nucleus chloroplast and mitochondria have in common?

The nucleus, chloroplast, and mitochondria have in common is that they are membrane-bound organelles in a cell.

How do chloroplast and mitochondria interact with each other?

Chloroplast interacts with mitochondria because chloroplasts converts sunlight into energy, mitochondria helps the conversion process.

What type of cell has chloroplasts?

Only plant cells have Chloroplast, but they also have Mitochondria. Animal cells do not have Chloroplast, but they do have Mitochondria.

Which organelle has a double membrane?

The Mitochondria.NucleusMitochondriaChloroplast

What do mitochondria and chloroplast do?

Mitochondria engage in respiration.Chloroplast carry out photosynthesis.

What is mitochondria and where it located?

Mitochondria is found in membrane of chloroplast.

Why are the mitochondria and chloroplast opposite?

Chloroplasts are glucose manufacturers. Mitochondria utilize those glucose

Do mitochondria and chloroplast contain DNA?

yes. mitochondria, and chloroplast all contain DNA. They have circular DNA.They can replicate themselves

What is the chloroplast and mitochondria and what are its functions?

Chloroplast is what all the organelles are in and Mitochondria is what converts the energy in food molecules to food that the cell can use.

Do chloroplast and mitochondria convert chemical energy?

Chloroplast convert light energy. Mitochondria convert chemical energy itself

What unique substance does the nucleus chloroplast and mitochondria have in common?

DNA is found in all three.But in mitochondria and chloroplast there are circular DNA.

Where do mitochondria and chloroplast come from?

mithocondria and chloroplast come from the plant cell

Does photosynthesis occur in the mitochondria?

No. Photosynthesis does not occur in the Mitochondria. It occurs in the chloroplast.

Function of chloroplast and mitochondria?

Chloroplasts carry out photosynthesis.Respiration is carried out by mitochondria.

Do mitochondria have thylakoids?

No, mitochondria does not have thylakoids. Thylakoids are only found in chloroplast.

Do mitochondria have stoma?

No,they have a matrix.Stroma is in chloroplast.

Shape of mitochondria and chloroplast?

The mitochondria and chloroplast are both complex cell organelles that are found in eukaryote cells. These are both oval in shape.

Why are the chloroplast and mitochondria so important for the plant cell?

The Chloroplast helps the plant to Photosynthesize and The Mitochondria produces energy to support all the cellular activities. Therefore, the Chloroplast and the Mitochondria are very important fort eh existence of a plant.