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How were people persuaded to go to the crusade?

People were persuaded to go to the Crusades through the use of religion and rewards in the after-life. It was believed that a warrior in the Crusades would be greatly rewarded in his afterlife. Participation in the Crusades became a badge of honor.

How many people volunteer to go on the crusades?


Why were so many people willing to go on crusades?

People were willing to go on Crusades because they believed that it was a duty they must fulfill in order to gain admittance into heaven in the afterlife.

Why did people support the crusades?


One fact about the crusades?

A fact about the crusades is that people went on the crusades because Pope Urban told them that they would be forgiven for their sins and tht they would automatically go to Heaven.

Who benefited from the Crusades?

the people who benefited from the crusades were europeans

Do the crusades practice fighting people?

The Crusades were a series of military battles that WERE people fighting people.

Why do people yell deus vult at the beginning of crusades?

It was a famous quote from Pope Urban II's speech to go off to fight in the Crusades. He said "Deus vult!", meaning "God wills it!", referring to the Crusades.

Why did these people want to go fight in the crusades?

Many people who fought in the crusades did so to repent sins and be forgiven by the church or to gain land. Or because they wanted to leave their village because it was under attack.

Why do you thick so many people were willing to go on a crusade?

Many people will to go on crusades to fight for their religion or country!! Sorry if you don't like the answer..

Where did Gerald of Wales go?

All around wales searching for people who wanted to go and fight in the middle east for the crusades

To encourage people to go on Crusades the Pope promised anyone who went what?

freedom from debts and taxes

To encourage people to go on Crusades the pope promised anyone who went?

freedom from debts and taxes

How many people were killed in all of the crusades?

Over a million people were killed during all the crusades.

What were some of the effects of the crusades?

some of the affects were that the crusades were disliked by the people of England. they made people poor.

Why would people go on crusades?

The Christians went on Crusades to liberate Jerusalem from Muslim control, after being told to do so by the Pope in Rome. The Crusades were a failure and the Muslims controlled Jerusalem until WWI, when the British got control of the region.

Why did people take part in crusades?

from what countries did the fours biggest crusades begin?

Where were the crusades?

Most of the fighting of the Crusades is in Anatolia(Turkey) and the Kingdom of Jerusalem(Israel). Most of the people that came for the Crusades were from Europe.

What is the change and effects of the crusades?

some of the affects were that the crusades were disliked by the people of England.they made people poor. What_were_some_of_the_effects_of_the_crusades

Why were so many people willing to go to the crusades?

Many people felt the need to go to the crusades because the pope of the church said that if the fought in them, they would be admitted to Heaven when they died. The people, having no secure spiritual reliance, were desperate to know that they could go to Heaven, but of course, war could not give them any more security than they currently had.

How did Muslims justify the crusades?

The Muslims did not have to justify the crusades, and it would not have made sense for them to do so. The crusades were wars against the Muslim people.

Did men go on the crusades?


Why pope urban was so important during crusades?

he was first crusades forchristianity people

Who participated in the crusades?

Many people participated in the Crusades including the Christians and the Muslims. The Byzantines and the Muslim Turks were the most prominent participants in the Crusades.

How many people were involved in the crusades?

There were multipule crusades, many of witch had 10,000+ people involved. So in total there were probaly about 150,000+ people in total.