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Where did people hide during the Holocaust?

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Cellars, attics, barns, cornfields, anywhere that they thought that they wouldn't be caught by the Nazis.

Answerchildren were usually hid in orphanage and passed as non Jewish children because they were not required to carry any forms of identification with them AnswerSome Jewish people hid in other people's houses even when they were German as some German people wanted to help the Jews.
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Where did people hide during holocaust?

they hid in barns sheds and tingy spaces

What happened to the people who hid Jews during the Holocaust?

People who helped hide Jewish familes during the Holocaust were either killed or sent to a concentration camp. They were treated as the Jews were if they were caught.

Where did the people hide the Jews during the Holocaust?

People (french, polish, ect.) would hide Jewish people in attics basements and special places not easily found.

Why did Jews hide during the Holocaust?

because the Holocaust was all about the persecution of the Jews

Where did hidden children during the holocaust hide?


Did Jews hide underground during the Holocaust?


What city did anne frank hide in during the Holocaust?

Anne Frnak hid in Amsterdam, The Netherlands during the Holocaust.

Where did the Jewish people hid during the holocaust?

Most could not and did not hide, those that did; did so with the help of gentiles.

What cities helped Jewish people hide during the Holocaust?

It was always individuals and families - not public bodies like cities - that helped Jews hide.

Who was punished in the Holocaust?

Jewish People , Colored people , homosexuals , people with different views on the government and people that help hide The Jews during WW2

Who helped the franks hide during the Holocaust?

Miep and Jan Gies

Where were the children hidden during the Holocaust?

Some kids hide in in the out-houses.

How do people hide?

in the Holocaust people really couldn't hide. the only way possible for them to hide was to leave the country or live with a family who was not hunted by the Germans

How many people were killed during the holocaust experimentation?

There were 11,000,000 people murdered during the holocaust.

Did some Europeans helped to rescue or hide Jews during the Holocaust?


What countries saved Jews in the Holocaust?

Every country in Europe partially saved people from the holocaust. People would hide Jews in their homes until the holocaust was over.

How many people died in the crematoriums during the Holocaust?

There were about 12,000 people killed in the crematoriums during the holocaust

Were families hidden during the Holocaust?

Yes, many people were hidden during the Holocaust.

How many Jewish people died in France during the holocaust?

9,000,000 people died in France during the Holocaust!!

How many people died before during after the holocaust?

about 12 million people died during the holocaust

Who were the suviours of the holocaust?

They were people who suffered during the Holocaust and lived after it.

What was the amount of people that died during the Holocaust?

The amount of people that died during the holocaust was avout 12 million people. That is alot of people. frick

Where did the Jews hide during the Holocaust in Germany?

They would hide in attics and cellars, sometimes they would pretend to be Aryans and attempt to live as Aryans.

What is Anne Frank all about?

Anne Frank is about a Jewish girl who is forced to hide out during the Holocaust.

How many people total were killed during the Holocaust?

six million people were killed in the holocaust