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It originated in the 1980's by guys who wanted to make it easier to hide illegal drugs.

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Where did sagging originate?

Sagging pants? US prisons.

Is your breasts sagging a sign of pregnancy?

no it is not youre breast sagging means you have not been wearing braws

Why is sagging illegal?


What is another term for sagging of the breast?

Mastoptosis is the medical term for sagging breast.

What is sagging?

Sagging is the act of something which sags - which sinks or bends - or the manner of wearing pants or shorts below the waist.

Why do some people sagging your pants is not cool?

Because sagging your pants is affecting something without any purpose and that is foolish.

How does Lil Wayne feel about sagging?

There's nothing big about wayne's sagging it makes him really look like a gangstar

How do you fix a sagging door on a 1996 suburban?

You can fix a sagging door on a 1996 Suburban by replacing the door pins and the bushings.

What is an effect of aging on the skin?


What causes breast sagging?


What is mastoptosis?

Mastoptosis is the sagging of the breast.

Why is sagging pants a fad?

Many people think sagging their pants is cool but i believe it is stupid and the need to pull the up and get a belt!

Surgical fixation of sagging breasts in more elevaated position?

The surgical fixation of sagging breasts in a more elevated position is mastopexy.

What is the medical term meaning drooping sagging prolapse?

Ptotic means drooping or sagging, or prolapsed. Ptosis means prolapse.

What is a Breif-baring trend?


How did sagging pants become popular?

from prison

What is the present tense of sagged?

"sags" or "is sagging"

Why do men have sagging pants?

because they are pathetic

How do you cure face sagging?

Smile more!

What is a sagging or drooping eyelid called?


Do florida have laws fo sagging?

no its not a law

Should sagging pants be against the law?


How do you raise a sagging floor?

If you want to raise a sagging floor, you can put a piece of plywood on the floor. You can then add new flooring over the piece of plywood.

What is the point in sagging your pants?

Sagging is a male fashion of wearing a pant or shorts below the waist so as to reveal part of or all the wearers undergarment

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning drooping sagging or prolapse?

-ptosis is the medical terminology combining form meaning drooping, sagging, or prolpase.