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Where did samba music originate from?

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The Samba is a Brazilian dance and musical genre originating in African and European roots.

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What country did samba music originate?


Where did the samba dance originate?

The Samba music and the Dance both come from Portugal and Brazil

Where did the samba originate from?

BRAZIL!!!! :)

When was samba music invented?

whae was samba music invented

Where is samba music come from?

samba music came from Brazil

What country did samba music come from?

Samba music comes from the country Brazil. Samba music is a Brazilian interpretation on traditional African drum rhythms. Samba music is often accompanied by a carnival.

Is Samba a weapon?

no samba isn't a weapon, it is a style of music. no samba isn't a weapon, it is a style of music.

When and where did samba music start?

Samba music started in Africa in 1838.

Which country did the samba originate?


What are samba instruments made of?

What are samba music from

Where is the origination of samba music?

Samba music originated from Brazil, South America.

Who writes the music for the Samba bands?

Brazilians write or wrote samba music

Where music style come from samba?

Samba reggae, samba funk, and Pagode

When did the samba dance originate?

in the 16 hundreds

Where did samba originate from exactly?

Test of the site

Which country does samba music come from?

samba music comes from brazil and parts of africa

What is the definition of samba?

Samba is a Brazilian dance and music style.

What is samba music used for?

Contemporarily, Samba music is used in the United States to get attention during a "march." Typically musicians do not have any conception of 'traditional' Samba song-style from Brazil; There, Samba originated and became mainstream due to 'Government oppression.'

Facts about samba music?

Samba music is a traditional musical style of Brazil. Samba began with African slaves who brought their tribal rhythms with them. Samba has developed into various schools and styles by being blended by other forms of music in the area.

What is samba music?

Samba Is A great style of music Samba is a style of music and dance originating in Brazil and associated with Carnival. A style of samba also has become part of International Style Latin dance competitions. Prominent samba musicians include Astrud Gilberto and Caetano Veloso. And there is your answer

What is the most popular music in Brazil?

in Brazil we haven't a favourite music but we have a favourite kind of music that is the Samba in thebrazilian festivals the music is always samba

Which countries influenced samba music?

Brazil has influenced the samba music well samba was created in Brazil so im pretty sure that means they influenced it

What are the different styles of samba music?

True samba is from Rio de Janeiro and some styles are samba enredo, pagode. People outside Brazil tend to call all Brazilian music samba though. Other styles that foreigners call samba include Maracatu, samba reggae, and samba funk.

Where is samba music from?


Where did Samba music come from?

Samba music originated in Rio de janeiro in Brazil. So it came from Brazil.