Where did shintoism develop?


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Shintoism is a religion that is endemic to JAPAN.


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How was Shintoism started? How was Shintoism started?

There is no founder for Shintoism

There is know founder for shintoism.

Shintoism is the major religion in Japan.

Shintoism (Shinto) is a religion.

Shintoism is Japanese and Confucianism is Chinese....that simple....

The Halawali is the key text of Shintoism.

Shintoism is a spiritual practice in Japan

Shintoism is a religion only and it dose have a leader

A follower of Shintoism is called a Shintoist.

Shintoism people worship at shrines I think

Shintoism became Japan's main religion before.

The most important god in Shintoism is the Sun Goddess Amaterasu.

The Romans did not have any contacts with Shintoism

Shintoism started in eastern japan and then spread out to the middle east. Shintoism is the oldest surviving Japanese religion. It came even before Buddhism.

Shintoism and Sikhism were both founded in the continent of Asia.

the religion shintoism has approximately 2.7 million people that follow

Shintoism is an ancient philosophical religion in Japan. Some social issues in Shintoism are: its lack a clear chain of identity and a lack of centralization.

Shintoism is a animistic religion heavily based around spirits and animals.

If you are talking simply of Shintoism, there have never been any holy writings.

Yes. In Shintoism and ancient Shintoism, there's a god for everything.

shintoism began around 712 B.C. it started out in japan with the kojiki of 712.

Shintoism has no written texts. Followers just worship kami, which are like gods

Japan is really the only country with a good number of people practicing Shintoism.

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