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Where did taoism begin?

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Africa or Asia
It began 5,000 years ago along the banks of the yellow river.

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Q: Where did taoism begin?
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What are the sects of Taoism?

Philosophical Taoism (Daojia); Religious Taoism (Daojiao); Folk Taoism

What are the taoism hierarchy or leaders?


What are the religious divisions of Taoism?

There is Taoism, Popular Taoism during the Han Dynasty, and Philosophical Taoism that sparked the Pure Conversation movement.

How does Taoism Beliefs affect the way taoism live?

i have no idea why dont you find out how taoism beliefs affect the way taoism live

How did taoism spread?

Taoism spread by its followers.

What is the origin of Taoism?

Taoism is originated in China.

When did Taoism end?

Taoism is alive and well.

Is taoism hierarchical or autonomous?

Taoism is autonomous.

What does the deity of taoism do?

Taoism has numerous deities.

Which civilization founded Taoism?

The religion of Taoism derives from the philosophy of Taoism which was founded by Lao-tzu. The practice of Taoism began during the Shang dynasty in China.

Where is taoism found?

Taoism is found in Ancient China.

Where in the world is Taoism practiced?

Taoism is practiced in China.

What is the symbol of Taoism?

The symbol for Taoism is the ying-yang.

When did taoism develop?

taoism first developed after christions

Who is the leader of Taoism?

There is no leader or formal heirarchy of priests in Taoism.

Is Taoism like the Holocost?

It sounds as if you are confusing Taoism with Maoism ...

What was China's reaction to Taoism?

the china reactin to taoism is blaah.blaah.blaah :)

Is taoism autonomous?

Yes, taoism is a non-hierarchrical religion.

Important words and terms of taoism?

taoism important words

Was Taoism a teacher?

Taoism is a philosophy- written by Lao-Tzu.

How did Confucius turn taoism into a religion?

You have it wrong sorry...Confucius had nothing to do with creating Taoism and sadly it (Taoism) is not a religion either

What was the God's name in Taoism?

Taoism does not give a name to God or concern itself with theism. It is about the way. That's the closest you can some, in Taoism.

Where is taoism located?

Taoism is locate in butt ching chang chawng

Who started taoism?

Taoism was started by the Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tze.

What started first legalism taoism or Confucianism?

Legalism, Confucianism, then Taoism.