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Where did team Aqua go after they leave their lair?

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captain stern discovered the sea floor cavern and they moved to the sea floor cavern and are hidden there.

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How do you remove team aqua from mt chimney?

You must go to metor falls and see team magma and professor cosmo, then team aqua will come and then they will all leave. Go to mt chimney and the gate should be unlocked

Where do team aqua and magma go after they leave mt pyre in emerald?


What do you do when team aqua and magma aren't in their bases?

team aqua has a kyogre and team magma has a groudon first you go to team aqua base and battle kyogre and team then you go to team magma base and battle groudon

Where do you go to defeat the team aqua leader in sapphire?

there is a cave north in the water. go in there and defeat team aqua.

How do you get team aqua out of lilycove city in emerald?

go to slateport and go to the place where they are working on the submarine and you will see a crowd the crowd will leave and go talk to the scientists waiting then team aqua people will come steal the submarine then go back to lilycove and you will be let in finally

How do you get past team aqua in slateport in emerald Pokemon?

First talk to one of the mecanics in the ship building place. He will tell you to find Cap. Stern. Then go to the museum and talk to Cap. Stern that is on the upper floor. Two Team Aqua members will arrive. You will need to defeat them. Then the Team Aqua leader arrives and talks. Leave and Team Aqua will be gone.

What is theam aqua hideout afther they leave the cave hideout?

It's just a blocked cavern after it, can't go in there. So if you want the Master ball, take it when Team Aqua is there.

Where do you go to beat team aqua?

You beat team aqua in the place where everthing is blocked of but you need a shovel

How do you get in team aqua hideout in emerald version?

go to mt.pyre, after that, go to slateport city, then go to the aqua hideout..

Where does team aqua go after they leave their hideout in lilycove in Pokemon Emerald?

somewhere under the sea. KEEP ON TRUCKIN UNTIL YOU FIND IT!

How do you get the things in the water to move in Pokemon sapphire?

If you are talking about the wailmers in the water near the team aqua base you first must go to mount pyre and beat all the team aqua grunts and talk to archie. he will then leave with the red orb. then you must go to slateport town and talk to Captain stern and then team aqua will steal the sumarine then go to team aqua's current base and go through it and beet the admin and when the submarine leaves go back outside and the wailmers should be gone.

How get those team aqua got out of the way?

go to the ship town then they will be at the shipyard. first you see a scientist then you see team aqua going back to their base and there you go

Where do you find team aqua after mossdeep?

dive where you see a very huge diving spot, then, you will find a door , go in it, then go up you will be in seafloor cavern which is where team aqua is

Where do you go after Team Magma and Aqua return orbs?

you have to go to their hideout.

How do you make the whales go away in Lilycove city in Pokemon ruby?

you go to mount. chimney go down the side and a new cave will open up and it is a team magma hide out when you beat them go to saleport then when team aqua takes the submarine got back to team aqua hideout and beat them then they will go away also team aqua hideout is where you get a masterball

How do you get the people in front of the Oceanic museum to leave on Pokemon?

Go to the shipyard and talk to the man right ahead of you when you walk in, once you do that, team aqua will be gone.

How can you past the two team aqua grunt in the the hideout of team aqua?

you go to slateport city and go to the place where the boat is and you will see a group of people. go inside and you will see the boss. then go back to lilycove and go to team aqua's hideout and you can go inside.

What to do after battling all team aqua in the hideout?

go to slateport and go to the harbour

How can you get passed the guards at the aqua base?

go to team magma's base after you get the magma emblem magma's base is at the route next to fiery path then beat team magma in there then go to team aqua hideout then when you talk to the team aqua members they will say that their boss is at slateport city at the ferry harbor when you go there team aquas boss will steal their submarine then when you go to team aquas hideout the guys won't be blocking anymore

How do you get by team aqua in lilycove?

Go to slateport city and visit the crowd then come back and visit the aqua base.

Where is the sub to get to team magma or team aqua?

You have to go to Solopotis where u have to use dive to go up the submarine is there

Where do you go in Pokemon Emerald after you beat Team Aqua in Slateport City?

Go out to the sea!

What do you do at lillycove city?

go into shoal cave and defeat team aqua

What do you do after you beat team aqua at mount pyre?


Where did team aquas boss go?

Mt. ChimneySlateport City.Mt. PyroAqua Hideout.Aqua Cavern.