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Origins of the Term 'Dumb Blonde'

There's actually a pretty extensive article in Wikipedia that addresses the origins of the myth.

If it is a myth.

Here are more opinions and answers from other WikiAnswers contributors:

  • From someone who lacked the intelligence to find a way to spend their time more productively.

I personally think that most blondes are pretty smart. Not only smart but hot, funny, kind, and trustworthy.


Excuse me, but I am a blonde and I get straight A's. Blondes in general are not stupid even though some get their "dumb blonde" moments.

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How dumb is the average blonde?

Being blonde doesn't make you dumb, that is just a untrue stereotype.

Why do blonde people have dumb moments?

this is not true. People with any coloured hair have dumb moments. Saying that blonde people have dumb moments is stereotyping.

Can someone be fired for calling someone a dumb blonde?

No, it is highly impossible for a person to get fired for calling someone a dumb blonde.

What is a good dumb blonde joke?

none the last guy was a blonde

What actors and actresses appeared in Dumb Blonde - 2011?

The cast of Dumb Blonde - 2011 includes: Isaac Cook as Harry

Is Bushra Shamim a blonde?

Yes, Bushra Shamim is a blonde because she is dumb like a dumb blonde and has no idea what is going on in her life except for her obsession over Justin Bieber and Music.

What is the funniest blonde joke in the world?

A smart blonde, a dumb blonde, and the tooth fairy were walking down the street, when they spot a twenty-dollar note on the ground. Who picked it up? Answer: The dumb blonde... the other two are a figment of your imagination.

Is there really such thing as a dumb blonde?


What does the name tamiya mean?

dumb blonde

Why are there so many 'dumb-blonde' jokes in the world?

Because some people think they are funny. It's your opinion if you find them funny or not.

Who did the greek myth originate from?


How do you get a dumb blonde hanging from a tree to fall?

wave at her

Is Alice clever?

no she is a dumb blonde she is very taps

If someone calls you blonde what does it mean?

You know how people call girls with blonde hair 'dumb blondes'? And how there are jokes about people like brunettes and redheads and blondes, and the blondes are always saying something dumb? Usually now, when you act sort of off or dumb, people say you are having a " blonde moment." which means you are having a dumb moment.

Why is the dumb blonde stereotype unfair?

The blonde stereotype is found unfair to many people because they are blonde. By telling a blonde joke, you are basically saying that all blonde people are stupid.

In what country did dumb bells originate?

it was from you hehehehehehe

How did the myth of werewolves originate?

Russia - I think.

What does blonde hair suggest?

dumb hot u know

Is there such thing as a smart blonde?

Dumb blonds are just a stereotype.

What are funny teasing things to say to your dumb blonde friends?

A great way to get dumb blond jokes is just to google dumb blond jokes

Are people with blonde hair dumb?

No. It is a stereotype that blondes are "ditzy" or dumb. Hair color has nothing to do with your intelligence. Your intelligence comes from what you learn in life. Like, if I had black hair and I'm smart and I dye it blonde that doesn't mean I've become dumb.

Where does the myth 'pepper makes you sneeze' originate from?

it is not a myth it actually makes you sneeze

What is first dumb blonde joke?

If a blonde and a brunette fell out of a plane, which would hit the ground first? The brunette. The blonde would have to stop and ask directions!

What happens during devils hour?

Nothing it is a dumb myth

How old is he anyway?

? He's 23,456,789,876,543,212,345,678,909,876,432,123,456,789,876,543. You're welcome, dumb blonde. (: