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In the US Army in WWI, the 56th Infantry REGIMENT was in the 14th Infantry Brigade of the 7th Infantry Division. At that time, US divisions were "square" divisions consisting of two Brigades of two Regiments each.

My grandfather served in the Company L of the 56th Infantry Regiment during WWI.

His Discharge papers show he served in the following Battles, engagements, skirmishes and expeditions:

Premy Ridge

Occupation Prevenelle (?) Sector, West of Moselle (this part of his discharge is handwritten and parts are difficult to decipher)

Second Army Offensive.

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The 56th was in the 13th brigade of the 7th infantry division, along with the 55th infantry regiment. My grandfather was in company E of the 55th. The handwriting on those old discharge papers is hard to read, so the correct spellings are Preny Ridge, and Puvenelle Sector. The 7th Division fought in the French province of Lorraine, and the Second Army Offensive was part of the Meuse Argonne Offensive, which was the battle being fought when the armistice was signed on November 11th, 1918. Most of the 7th Division sailed to Europe on a ship called the Leviathan, which was a captured German liner, and the largest ship in the world at the time. I've been researching this on and off for years, and I'm glad to share it with another grandchild of a WWI vet! Information on WWI units is hard to find. If anybody knows anything else about the 55th, please post it.

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Q: Where did the 56th Infantry serve during World War 1?
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