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Where did the Afrikaners come from?


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Afrikaners are an ethnically distinct group of descendants of European settlers, arriving in modern day South Africa on and after 16 April 1652. Their mother tongue is Afrikaans, their predominant religion is Afrikaner Calvinism and they identify with the Afrikaner culture. The vast majority of Afrikaners came, in various waves, from the Netherlands and their language, Afrikaans, is based on Dutch.

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Peoples who had come from Africa are called Afrikaners were descendants of Boers who in turn were descendants of Dutch settlers who come from Holland

By definition, Afrikaners speak Afrikaans.

Afrikaans is actually a language and not a group of people. The group of people speaking Afrikaans are called Afrikaners. Afrikaans is based on Dutch, which was spoken by the Dutch settlers (once known as "Boers" -- which means "farmers" in Afrikaans -- who lived in South Africa. Afrikaans was initially known as "Kitchen Dutch." Which means that the Afrikaners come from the Continent of Europe.

Yes, Afrikaners antecedents were boers.

There are no such things as Afrikaners. They do not exist. there are indiginous people from the South of Africa who are Africans. Dutch people are Afrikaners (false)

The Afrikaners were the people who had moved to Africa. they were the white people who had started the Apartheid.

No. Afrikaners are Boers, South Africans of Dutch ancestry. Afrikaans is their language.

The Afrikaners never did come to South Africa. The group of people called Afrikaners, being Afrikaans speaking South Africans, developed in place in South Africa by a merging of the original Dutch settlers with other Europeans, mainly French, German, Danish and English settlers and merging with indigenous African people and slaves from Africa, India and the East Indies. Many Afrikaners married English speakers and now use English as a home language. They are not strictly Afrikaners, though their roots are in the Afrikaner people.

Conners, O'Conners, and afrikaners.

Afrikaners are those speaking the Afrikaans language that evolved from Dutch. Whilst most Afrikaners are descended from the Dutch, there are many whose descent can be traced to other European countries, including Germany, France and even Italy.

6th and 7th generation whites in Africa

The Afrikaners and Boers is a referral to the same group of people. In the South African context the description Afrikaners is labeled to white Afrikaans speaking people. The description "Boers" is a reference to same group but with an added reference to their general profession in times gone by which was farmers "boere" in the Afrikaans language.

Afrikaners never settled in South Africa, but were born there. They originated from the Dutch and French colonies that settled in South Africa in the 1600's. More than a century or so later Afrikaans, the world's youngest language, was born. People that spoke Afrikaans were referred to as "Boers" (Farmers) and later "Afrikaners". Today though, Afrikaners, English, Zulus, Xhosas, Sothos, Tswanas and the people from all the other races within South Africa are South Africans, the Rainbow Nation.

Africa and always Africa they are native over there

Not only Afrikaners but Boers and English all white people in South Africa thousands of white people is murdered on farms and in cities all over South Africa

Braaivleis (similar to barbecue), and Biltong (almost like Jerky)

if you mean the language, it is spelled " Afrikaans" if you mean the people they are calle " Afrikaners"

Afrikaners are 60%, Germans are 32%, English are 7%, and Portuguese 1%.

Afrikaners, formerly known as Boers, South African cultural group descended from Europeans. Afrikaners speak Afrikaans as their native language. Afrikaner language, customs, and religion were shaped by more than three centuries of harsh frontier life.

3 million+, and also there are about 2 million other whites

Pauline Smith has written: 'The beadle' -- subject(s): Fiction, Afrikaners

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