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The Battle of Shiloh, also called the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, occurred in Southwestern Tennessee, in Hardin County.

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The US Civil War Battle of Shiloh took place in the Western Theater. The Battle of Shiloh was fought on April 6-7,1862.

The US Civil War Battle of Shiloh took place just off of Pittsburg Landing which lay on the Tennessee River. The Confederate state of Tennessee was its Southern location.

The Battle Of Shiloh took place on April 6-7 of 1862.

shiloh creek NEW RESPONDENT The Battle of Shiloh took place on the west side of the River Tennessee, close to Pittsburg Landing, near the border of Mississippi.

It took place in Pittsburg, Tennessee. The time was April 6, 1862.

It was at Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River, near Corinth. Shiloh was the name of a little church nearby.

Hardin County. (might have spelled that wrong)

The Civil War battle that did not take place along a body of water was the Battle of Perryville. This took place on Chaplin Hills on October 8, 1862.?æ

The largest civil war battle in Florida took place at Olustee. It was called the Battle of Olustee and was fought on February 20, 1864.

it takes place in 1589

The last battle of the civil war took place on May 13, 1865 in a place near brownsville Texas.

The first major battle of the Civil War was Bull Run/Manassas.

because the people wanted there own states and all blacks wanted the rights as that of the white people.

The battle of Shiloh is very important to the civil war because union wanted to take controlThe battle of Shiloh is very important to the civil war because union wanted to take control of the united statesIMPROVED ANSWER:The Battle of Shiloh, named after a church on the battle field, occurred in April 6 and 7, 1862. The battle is also called the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing.The battle casualties for the Union Army were 13,000 and the Confederacy loss was 10,700.This was the beginning of the end for the South. Although what had seemed like a Confederate victory, no man on either side wanted to claim the title win or lose. Many men had met their God in that battle, and after Shiloh, the South would never smile.Many Northerner's urged Lincoln to replace Grant because of the heavy losses. But Lincoln refused, saying, "I can't spare this man - he fights!"

The first Civil War battle to take place in Virginia was the First Battle of Bull Run. It was fought on July 21, 1861 and resulted in a victory for the Confederacy.

The Battle of Columbus (Georgia) is considered the last battle of the Civil War. The Battle of Palmetto Ranch, in Texas, was not actually a battle, and it occurred after the official fighting had ended.

The battle took place at Cold Harbor Virginia, about 10 miles northeast of Richmond.

The battle of missionary ridge took place November 25, 1863 ( during the American Civil war )

Most of the Civil War took place in the South. The farthest up they got in the North, and I believe the only battle in the North, was the Battle of Gettysburg in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Battle of Palmito Ranch. Refer to Related Link below.

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