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The black death originated Central Asia and spread to Europe. It started because of unclean rodents (hamsters etc.) who had infected fleas. The Black Death or Plague bacteria multiply inside the flea, blocking its stomach (nasty!!) and causing it to become very hungry. The flea then bites a host and continuously feeds on its victim (because it is unable to satisfy its hunger). During the feeding process, infected blood carrying the plague bacteria flows from the fleas' stomach into the open wound. The plague bacteria then has a new host,which unfortunately includes Humans, and the flea eventually dies from starvation. ==== It is believed by many that the disease started in China, whose merchant shipsbrought it west, to Sicily. Near Italy. It was carried by fleas that were living on rats. Once in Italy, it soon spread throughout the rest of Europe. ==== It began in Asia, Merchant ships Brought it to Sicily, near Italy, Carrying the Bubonic Plague to many countries of Europe. Then spread through Europe and Asia killing about 50 million people in all. The Black Death or the Bubonic Plague and its Medieval World history and origins The deadly disease has been with man and part of world and medieval history for a very long time. It has claimed nearly 200 MILLION lives. The first recorded epidemic of the Black Death / Bubonic Plague was in Europe during the 6th Century. The disease truly became pandemic in 1328 - the medieval period of the history of the world. During this period a third of the world population died. We tend to associate the history of this terrible disease with Europe however it originated in the Gobi Desert. The Spread of the disease The disease spread throughout the Western world and reached pandemic proportions due to changes in lifestyle - people were moving from the country villages to highly populated towns. The formation of major cities and increased travel by various world civilisations, the disease rapidly spread throughout Asia. The Black Death (Bubonic Plague) followed the Trade Routes. The Trade routes provided access to all corners of the known world. The increased use of the trade routes ensured that the disease spread throughout the World. We should also remember that it was not just Europe and Africa that were devastated by the deadly disease. Countries such as China suffered horrendously from the 1328 outbreak with their population dropping from 125 million to 90 million during just the middle half of 14th century.

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Q: Where did the Black Death first start and how?
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The black hawk ended in 1832 when did it start?

i think that the black death started it first

What year was the start of the black death?

The Black Death first struck Europe in 1347. It had been in Asia before that, but there is no record of exactly when or where it first struck.

Where did the black plague first start?

many believe that Black Death started in China. Mongol army camps were the origin for this.

Where did the black death start in 1347?

The Black Death began in China in 1347.

When did the black death start in Europe?


Where did plague start?

black death Plague started in China. Mongol army camps were the first home.

What place in England did the Black death start?

The Black Death did not start in England. It started in either southwest Asia or a port in Genoa, Italy.

First place in England to suffer from black death?

the first place in England to have the black death is Weymouth

Which was the first town in England to be struck by the Black Death?

The first reports of the Black Death in England were in Weymouth.


It is properly know as the Black Death or the Plague. The Black Death started in 1348 and ended in 1350.

What city in Europe started the Black Death?

The Black Death arrived in Europe from the east. The first part of Europe for the epidemic to break out in was Sicily, the island off southern Italy. So we can probably conclude that Palermo in Sicily was the first European city to become infected with the Black Death, although did not start it.

What year did the black death start?

Black death started in about 1348 to 1350. It started in Europe then spread.

Where did the black death plague start?

in Mongolia

What country did the black death start in?


What month did the black death start in?


What country did the black death first start in?

I think that it started in Europe and then spread through the trade routes to Asia.

When did the black death appear in Britain?

The black death first appear in Britain in 1348

What year did the black death start in Asia?


How did people after the first few deaths of the black death?

people did not realize Black Death at first. They thought it to be common incidents of fever.

When was the black death start?

The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in Human history peaking between 1348 and 1350 in Europe

When and how did the black death start?

no. The black death started mainly because of fleas having an interaction with rats.. starting the plague.... Here is When....

Why was the plaque called the Black Death?

The plague was called the black death because the skin would start to rot and actually turn black, and it killed you. If you were lucky enough not to get the horrible disease, you were unlucky because your town, at the first sign of it, would be shut down.

Who was the first ever person to catch the black death?

We will never know who was the first person to catch the Black Death. It is thought that it was a sailor from Turkey.

When did the plague start in china?

The black death started in 1347.

Where did the black plague first break out in Europe?

Black Death spread via major trade routes. Black Death entered Crimea first.