Where did the Easter egg originate?


Easter is a Christian holiday that Croatians adapted into their religion.The idea of an Easter egg hunt within this Holiday comes from the worship of the Goddess of fertility that these pagans had.

A mong Ukrainians there is a belief that the fate of the world depends upon pysanky. As long as egg decorating continues, the world will exist.

Easter Eggs can be grouped into 6 main categories which are: 1) solar symbols, 2) bezkonechnyk - never ending lines, 3) plant symbols, 4) animal symbols, 5) geometric symbols and 6) Christian symbols.

The writing of Easter eggs was suppressed by the Soviets in the past century and many beautifully decorated eggs were destroyed in museums.

Check out these Ukrainian batik dyed Easter Eggs that are 60 years old - from the old country - covered with intricate geometric patterns and plants.