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Where did the German language originate?

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German, or High German, is a Germanic language, specifically a West Germanic language. Its closest modern relatives are Yiddish, Low German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Frisian, and of course English (which are all also West Germanic languages).

The West Germanic languages probably began to differentiate themselves from the North Germanic (or Scandinavian) languages and the East Germanic languages (including Vandalic and Gothic, among others) some time around 400-100 BC. Common Germanic is the name of the language that was spoken before this differentiation; Germanic is one of the numerous branches of the Indo-European languages, and thus German is related to all the other Indo-European languages as well (from Hindi and Urdu, Farsi, and Hittite to Russian, Irish, Greek, French, and Portuguese--among many others).

The ancestral home of the peoples who spoke Common Germanic is thought to lie along the Baltic and North Seas in what is today southern Sweden, Denmark, and northern Germany.

As these peoples started spreading apart through migration (caused perhaps by weather, famine, and/or war), the dialects started diverging into West, East, and North, depending on the direction they headed.

The many tribes who spoke West Germanic languages ended up settling along the North Sea and the Rhine and Weser Rivers. The language of those who were farther north eventually turned into Dutch, Frisian, English, and Low German; that of those who were farther south eventually turned into what we call High German today. "High" refers to the fact that those people lived closer to the mountains, e.g. the Alps, and "low" refers to people who lived closer to the sea.

The first German language was made in the Fourth century by a priest attempting to convert German (which at the time was full of barbarians known as the visigoths). It was a combination of Latin and ancient Runic and was called the Gothic Language (after the visigoths) and there is not enough left today to be able to re construct it.

In 1534, Martin Luther published the German Bible. This version of German soon became the official version of the German language. Before this, German was a large group of different dialects.

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What language does the word sauerkraut originate?

The Answer Is German

What language did the word zinc originate?

Zinc came from the German language .

12 From what language does the word sauerkraut originate?

German, I do believe.

What language does verbotene liebe originate from?

Verbotene liebe is a german soap-opera, that translates (in german) to forbidden love. Meaning that verbotene liebe would be originated from german, or derived from the german language.

What language did the word mansion originate from?

Perhaps from German:'Menschen' which means 'People'

What language does the word kindergarten originate from?

It comes from German, it literally means 'children's garden'.

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Origin: 1550-60; jaght, short for jaghtschip

Where does the surname Saltsman originate from?

The surname Saltsman or Saltzman is German and Yiddish in origin and is used throughout the region where the German language is used and Eastern Europe, where Yiddish was the secular language of the Jews.

Where do German shepherds originate from?

German Shepherd originate from Germany, of course.

Which language does the word smuggle originate from?

ETYMOLOGY:Probably Low German smukkeln, smuggeln, or Middle Dutch smokkelen

Where does the Icelandic language originate?

The Icelandic language has its origins in the North Germanic or Nordic sections of the German language. Native to both Iceland and Denmark, there are roughly 325,000 native speakers of this language in the world currently.

How did the German Language that is used now originate or come to be?

The German language came to being after the publication of the German Bible by Martin Luther in 1534. Before this, Germans spoke a wide range of dialects. Even today some German dialects cannot be understood by Germans from other parts of the country.

What language does the word schlepp originate from?

schlep is Yiddish from the German schleppen: to drag.Ref - Leo Rosten, The Joys of Yiddish.

What country do German people originate from?

They originate from Germany.

What language does the word 'cotton' originate from?

What language does the word 'cotton' originate from?

What is the main German language?

The main german language is german

What countries besides France does the French language originate from?

The French Language comes from the Latin Language of the Roman Empire which originated in Rome, Italy. It has also been influenced by German. For example, in the Passe Compose, the same verbs take is instead of has as in the German present and past perfect.

Where did Germany's language originate?

German is, like English, a Germanic language. Of course, there are many differences between the two languages by now because their speakers separated 450 ad.

From what language did the surname Myers originate?

The surname Myers is a German surname, and is also used by Eastern European Jewish families, who spoke Yiddish, a member of the Germanic language group.

What are the major language groups in Europe?

Germanic - originate from German. This includes English and German (the most commonly spoken in Europe), Dutch and the languages of Scandinavia. Romantic - originate from Latin. This includes French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Slavic - originate from Russian and this covers most languages to the east. Greek and Hungarian have separate origins.

Where does the word poltergeist originate from?

From the German language, meaning 'noisy ghost'. Combining the words 'polter' meaning noisy and 'geist' meaning spirit

Is German a romance language?

No, German is not a romance language.

What kind of language is German?

German is a Germanic language.

What is the name of German language called?

The German language is called "Deutsch" in German.

What language does the word buffet originate from?

French language.