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The people captured by the Nazis were sent to concentration camps. If they did not send you to a concentration camp they would send you to a labour camp. Often they were sent to a 'transit camp' first, till there were enough people for a train-load to a concentration camp.

You see in the camps you were not allowed to talk about how wrong the Nazis were because, they felt that after getting rid of them they would finally have a perfect world. But what does perfect actually mean? Figure that out.

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Q: Where did the Germans house soldiers or the Jewish people the Germans captured?
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Why did the Germans capture the Jews and then make them do their work?

the Germans captured the Jewish people because Adolf Hitler blamed the Jew for the Germans losing World War 1.

How did Peter die in Number the Stars?

The Germans found out he was helping the Jewish people in Denmark so the captured him and shot him

Why were Jewish people captured in the holocaust?

It was because the Germans thought that the land had to be cleansed and that their religion had the right to be the only religion.

How many people surived in world war2?

There is not an exact number of people who survived. And you did not specify which category of people. Jews - There were about 600 million Jewish people captured by the Germans during World War II, and less than 6,000 survived by the end of the war. Polish - There were about 200 million Polish soldiers, maybe more. About 50-100 million survived by the end of the war. American - About 60 - 70 million US soldiers entered the World War II. About 59 million survived. Less Jewish people survived because the Germans mainly wanted to kill them (Germans hated Jews), the Germans set up camps and captured the Jews, and killed them off. Less Polish soldiers survived than US ones because Germans directly attacked and invaded Poland, Japanese (Germany's allies during the war) only attacked our Pearl Harbor, so the soldiers went overseas to attack back

Did Hitler have Jewish soldiers?

he had Jewish soldiers in the ghetto where all the Jewish people lived

Soviet troops captured 80000 Germans in the Battle of?

Actually, the Soviets captured 91,000 German soldiers and SS in the Battle of Stalingrad, and suffered some 150,000 killed. Although the Soviets lost some 500,000 soldiers and civilians, the fight at Stalingrad proved to the Russian people that the Germans could be beaten.

How many people died dering the holicast?

the holicast was a time when the stuipid Germans captured the Jews. The Germans served Hitler the leader of the German soldiers. Over 10,000 Jews died during this time.

Captured people in the Battle of Waterloo?

There were 8.000 French soldiers captured at Waterloo.

What type of people did the Germans send to the gas chambers?

Jewish people

What year did the Germans terrorize Jewish people?


Did some Germans help the Jewish people?

Yes, but not many.

Did all Germans agree with Hitler and the Nazi beliefs?

No. There were Jewish people who were Germans. Therefore I would say no.

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