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Where did the Germans take the Jews?

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In World War 2 Jews from Germany and Western Europe were transported eastwards, mainly to the slave labour and extermination camps in Poland (early 1942 onwards). In the early stages of the Holocaust (October 1941 on) some German Jews were taken to Riga in Latvia and slaughtered in mass open-air shootings. Others were sent to the ghetto in Minsk and Maly Trostenets death camp near Minsk. A few were dumped in the already overcrowded Warsaw Ghetto. Nearly all the extermination camps were in Poland.

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Where did the Germans people take the Jews?

to camps

Who did the Germans take into the camps?

The Germans killed Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and handicapped people in the camps.

Did the germans hate the jews?

No, not all Germans hates the Jews. However, the particular group of Germans that hates the Jews were called the Nazi Germans.

Why did the Nazi Germans dislike Jews?

Many Germans are Jews. Many Jews are German and British, Norwegian, Australian etc. Germans like Jews just fine.

Why did the Germans put Jews in ghettos?

There is no actual reason. The germans have hated Jews since the middle ages. Hitler re-awoke that. The germans wanted Jews to be separated from the germans. They just REALLY hated Jews.

Germans and Jews the same?

No. Not all Germans are Jews and not all Jews are German. But there are German Jews, as well as Jews with many other nationalities.

Why did the Germans write the Nuremberg laws?

To take away the rights of the German Jews.

What year did the Germans take away rights from Jews?

In stages, from 1933 to 1943.

Why do Germans dislike Jews?

germans dislike jews because Adolf Hitler tricked them in to thinking that jews were not true germans because they were different in some ways

How did the Germans work the Jews to death?

The Germans worked the Jews to death by having them as sleves

Why was there conflict between the Jews and the Germans?

because there was. The Jews were s successful and the Germans were jealous.

Why where the Jews taken to the ghettos?

Jews were taken by the Germans because the Germans, more spoken Hitler blamed the war on the Jews

Why did the Germans take away Jews' clothing?

The Germans took away the Jews' clothing because they use to steal any valuable things. So they would've thought that the clothing was valuable and stole it.

What happened to the Germans when they liberated the Jews?

There's a muddle here. The surviving Jews were liberated by the Allies, not by the Germans.

How did Germans accept the extermination of Jews?

Germans were not told that the Jews were being exterminated at the time, they believed that the Jews were being re-settled in the east.

What did the Jews of sighet think of the Germans in the book night?

the jews thought that the germans were awful people. That the germans had brought them to hell. (my english professor told me this answer)

Why did the Germans use ghettos?

they were used to get the Jews out of the Germans way and for the Germans to have more space

Did the jews ever deny the germans work?

Jews did not prevent Germans from working at any time in German history.

Did all Germans hate Jews during the Holocaust?

No, as a matter of fact some Germans even helped the Jews. Some Germans helped the Jews stay in hiding so that they wouldn't get sent away.

What was the Germans opinion of Jews?

Germans hated Jews because they were jealous which is why Hitler said that Jews werent allowed to have over a certain amount in the Jewish homes. Other Germans didnt agree with Hitler but were not able to do anything about it.

Did the Jews exploit Germans?


Who killed Jews in the holocaust?


What the Germans called the Jews?


Do Germans have the highest IQ?

Jews did

How were Jews captured?

When the Nazis went through each Germans house to check. If they found out that there were Jews in the Germans house hiding, they were killed.