Where did the Incas Aztecs and Mayas establish their civilization?


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incas : peru {andes}

mayas : middle of america

aztecs : mexico


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The Incas were farmers, the Aztecs and Mayans were more civilized than that

The Incas did not believe in human sacrifice

its a mystery about what happened to them.

One difference in Art of the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs is that the Incas were able to construct stone buildings without using mortar to seal the stones together.

To my knowledge, there is no other name for the Aztecs. The were simply another ancient civilization that inhabited Central America. Do not confuse them with a nearby civilization, the Mayas, or the Incas, who inhabited much of South America.

The Aztecs we a people which would be called a civilization or a society of which people were learning in advance pace or just learning and building thing such as technology so yes I would call the Aztec, Incas ,and Mayas a civilization.

depends on what you mean of course they did

They all grew corn as their primary crop.

because the Aztecs and Spanish invaded

the seminole tribes,incas,mayas,and aztecs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the Aztecs and the Mayas and the Incas are civilizations.

The three early river civilizations are the Incas. Aztecs and Mayas

-they all had human sacrifices -they were all polytheist (worship more than one god) -the Incas and Aztecs survival depended on the military -they were excellent farmers

Why were the egyptians considered a civilization? Why are we cansidered a civilization? It's kinda the same differance. They had farms, buildings, temples, and houses. They had books and observatories. They were advanced for their time. Why aren't they a civilatation? consider that now...

because they had little contact with the Mayas and Aztecs

No The Spanish Conquered the Mayas and Aztecs

That is a very interesting question. They put them in a crate and throw them in a firepit. The Mayas and Incas also did this.

These Native Americans were located in South America, not North America

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