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Where did the Irish settle?

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Where di the Germans and the scotch-Irish mainly settle in Virginia?

where did the germons and Scott Irish settle in Virginia

Where in Louisiana did the Irish settle?

Irish settled in New Orleans.

Where did the Irish settle and why did they settle there?

The Irish settled in the USA. around the 1840's. They settled here because of farm land

Where in Texas did the Irish settle?

in where you live!!!

Where did the Irish settle in New Zealand?

you mum

Where did the Irish people settle in Texas?

irish people came from ireland and settled in texas

Where did the Irish settle when they came to America and why?

the Irish settled on the east coast when they came to America.

Where did the Irish settle in UK?

Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.

Why did the Irish settle in Ontario and Newfoundland?

no one knows

Where did the scot Irish and the Germans settle?

Tidewater and Piedmont

Where did the Germans and scotch-Irish settle?

what di the scotch -irish homes look like

What region did the the Scots-irish settle in?

valley and ridge

Did the Irish settle in Texas?

Yes. Around the year 1850.

What region of the US do Irish people settle in the most?


What place in North America did the British try to have Irish immigrants settle in?

The potato famine in Ireland lasted from 1845 to 1849. During this terrible part of Irish history, Great Britain tried to direct Irish people immigrating to North America to settle in Canada. The British provided incentives to induce this among the Irish. Many did, however, very often they left Canada to settle in the US.

What parts of New York City did Irish immigrants settle in?


Did Irish settle to England during potato famine?

They came to the US....

The group most likely to settle in the backcountry of Pennsylvania were the?


Where in the US did most Irish immigrants settle?

In the east part of the us

Why did the Irish leave their country to settle in New Zealand?

austraillia & new zealand were populated by Irish when English sent them as prisoners

Where do most Irish people settle in Canada?

Most of the Irish settled in Ontario but the rest remaining were found throughout Canada.

Where did the Scots-Irish Settle in the Middle Colonies PLEASE help answer?

The Swedish lived in New York and the Irish lived in Pennsylvania

Did the Irish Immigrants settle in Texas?

Yes they have. InHouston, Dallas, and New Braunfels.

What were the major immigrant groups that came to the US and where did they settle in the 1800s?

Irish and German

Did the Irish settle in the 13 colonies?

Yes, they settled in mainly North Carolina.