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Where did the Native American Indians come from?


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April 24, 2010 10:48PM

The commonly accepted theory - and it is just that, a theory - is that the American Indians migrated to the North American continent using a now-defunct land bridge linking Asia (Russia) to North America (Alaska).

The reason the native Americans look Mongoloid (as they have been thought until recently) is perhaps where their ancestors were from.

It may be asked how did they make it over to America in such times when there weren't any ships. The answer would be that enough of the North Atlantic would have been frozen over during the Ice Age for them to have got across.

(If Native Americans were truly descended from an early "caucasian" people, then wouldn't they look more caucasian? Wouldn't they not have the epicanthic eye fold or the asian-like hair and the tanned-dark skin which they have?)