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How does Roberto Clemente help the Spanish people?

he help them to bring inspire in there life

What event in Boston help bring the Britain and colonies closer to the war?

Not paying there taxes

How did yellow journalism help bring about the spanish-american war?


How did the organization of spanish America help viceroys rule?

The viceroys could easily overtake the colonies.

Why did britain feel it was justified in passing the different taxes on the colonies?

Because it felt that it was the mother country and that the colonies existed only to help bring money, resources, and power to the parent country. And the money from the taxes was going towards the British regulars protecting the colonies from the French, Spanish and natives. The Brits figured the colonists could pay for their own protection.

How did the committees of correspondence help bring the colonies together?

by telling the colonist people that the British people are coming and the need to be prepared.

Did roger Williams anne Hutchinson and thomas hooker help bring positive changes to new England colonies?

Yes they did

How did Andrew Jackson help to secure Florida from Spain?

HE captured several Spanish forts, drove the current governor of Florida out and proved to the Spanish that Florida did more bad than good.

Help you say help you in spanish?

Ayuda, means help in spanish. Ayudar, is the verb for help (to help) in spanish.

How does digital signatures secure XML?

how does digital signatures help secure XML?

Chapter 9 Which two procedures can help secure data backups?

which two procedure can help secure data backups

When did slavery start in the Spanish colonies?

The Spanish colonies in America started falling during the Peninsular War when Spain itself was under attack from Napoleonic troops. The start of the 19th century proved to be a turning stone for the Americans when they started independence movements throughout the country. This resulted in the loss of the Spanish colonies in Central America, North America and South America by 1825. During this time the Spanish lost most of their colonies in America except Cuba and Puerto Rico. This was often done with the help of the British Empire whose main interest was to break the Spanish monopoly in America. The 1898 Spanish-American War resulted in the loss of the remaining Spanish colonies in America. This was the end of the Spanish rule in America, after which the Spanish scattered all over the continent and settled in different places. But the Spanish colonies in America still existed for a while longer, mainly comprising of the poor immigrants or politically exiled Spanish, in Cuba, Mexico and Argentina.Be that as it may, the questions asked when slavery started in the Spanish Colonies. It started from the beginning. The Spaniards first enslaved native peoples, and when they died of disease and exhaustion, the Spanish brought over slaves from Africa to work the mines and fields.

How youe spell ''help'' in Spanish?

To help in Spanish is "aydar".

What is Spanish word for help?

"Ayuda" is the Spanish word for "help".

How did the Greek colonies help industry to grow?

They traded and fought to help industry grow.

How did The Intolerable Acts help unite the colonies?

what effect did the acts have on the colonies

What country did christopher Columbus try to secure help from?

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What do christians do to help others?

They bring them up and help them in need, but the best thing they can do is bring them into Christ.

What secure mean?

It means tight, or not shaky. Example: Love is secure, it will not drop you. This may not help, try a dictionary.

How did geography help shape colonies?


What colonies had plantations?

i need help

How did the Navagations Acts help the colonies?


Help with Spanish hw?

What do you need help with? I speak/write/read Spanish fluently.

Was slavery legal in the colonies?

Slavery was legal in the colonies. Most of the slaves in the colonies came from the Caribbean. They were brought over to the colonies when they needed help with labor.

Bernardo de Galvez was what and an what of the American colonies?

He was a viscount and Spanish military officer and colonial administrator. He served as colonial governor of Louisiana and Cuba. Later, he was viceroy of New Spain. In the American revolution he helped the 13 colonies and was the post commandant of Spanish troops in Louisiana with the rank of colonial. Spain secretly supplied help to the revolution under the leadership of Galvez.