Where did the US Civil War begin?

The conflict between the Confederacy and the United States began in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. There Southern forces used cannon fire on the US Fort Sumter and forced its commander to surrender. This conflict led to the US Civil War. The Confederacy passed an act in May of 1861, declaring a state of war existed between itself & the United States. Lincoln and others in the North continued to call this a rebellion until July, 1861. This date was noted by the US Supreme Court as the beginning of the war.

Actual combat began at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, SC on April 12, 1861.

Confederate shore batteries fired on Fort Sumter which had recently been occupied by Union soldiers. The Union troops were forced to surrender and leave. Two Union soldiers were killed accidentally when a cannon exploded during the ceremonial departure.
The armed conflict that soon led to the US Civil War began in Charleston, South Carolina. There Confederate forces bombarded the Federal Fort Sumter located in the Charleston Harbor which had refused to surrender. Within a day, however, the Fort's commander had no choice but agree to Southern demands. Upon its surrender, US President Lincoln to call for volunteer troops to end the Southern rebellion. The surrender of Fort Sumter led to a series of events that would soon begin what is called the US Civil War.
The Civil War began when the CSA (Confederate States of America) fired upon Fort Sumter.
The first battle was fought on July 21, 1861. It was called the Battle of Bull Run or the Battle of Manassas.
Fort Sumter