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England and America

AnswerAmerican and British soldiers were placed all over England to prepare for the build-up. Many units trained there. The 29th Infantry Division trained 20 months in England. The newly organized units went through a Basic Training, then corps-level tactical training and then amphibious assault training. Each different level of training could be accomplished at various locations.

The units had to practise amphibious assaults. One place they practised landing on beaches similar to ones at Normandy was at Slapton Sands. During one of these night-time practise landings, a portion of the 4th Infantry Divsiion(US) was attacked by German E-boats that resulted in the 749 deaths and the loss of 2 LST's, which was in critical shortage.

Reference Books:

Army and Navy Histories:

"Cross-Channel Attack" (1951) by Gordon A. Harrison

"Logistical Support of the Armies Volume I" (1953) by Roland G. Ruppenthal

"The Invasion of France and Germany" (1957) by Samuel Eliot Morrison.

Other references:

"The Bedford Boys" about a Company of the 29th Infantry Division.

"Slapton Sands: The Cover-up That Never Was" By Charles B. MacDonald

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Q: Where did the allies train for the D Day invasion?
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June 6, 1944 was the invasion of Normandy by the allies, which became known as D-day

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D-Day in June 6,1944.

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gathered the largest fleet ever assembled

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on June 6, 1944

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The Invasion of Normandy (or known as D-Day) was the mark of the start of the Allied attack into Nazi occupied Europe.

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Yes, they both refer to the invasion of Normandy by the allies, although D-Day truly means the day of an attack.