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They came from Sweden

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Q: Where did the band ABBA come from?
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Is ABBA the best album?

It was once, I think ABBA was a great band! It was once, I think ABBA was a great band!

Is ABBA a person or a band?


Is the band ABBA still together?

ABBA was history in 1982.

What is a band beginning with A?


Where is the band ABBA from?


Was ABBA on the Stephen Colbert show?

No. It was the tribute band Abba Girls.

What does the band ABBA look like?

There are no shortage of ABBA images on the internet. Google ABBA and hit image.

Who plays the guitar in the band ABBA?

Bjorn Ulvaeus plays the guitar in ABBA.

When was ABBA born?

ABBA was a band that began from 1970 and split up in 1983.

Who plays piano for ABBA?

Benny Andersson plays the piano in the ABBA band.

What role did the piano have in the band ABBA?

Keyboards were a big part of the ABBA sound.

What is a palindrome for a pop band?

Egad! An Adage The band is ABBA.

What country is the band ABBA from?


What industries in Sweden have ABBA in their name?

The Abba Seafood Company cans fish. They used the name Abba before the band did.

What does ABBA mean in English its a Romanian band?

ABBA was made up of the initials of the original band members:Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, Ani-Frid. But the band was Swedish not Romanian.

The pop ABBA became successful in which decade?

the band abba came successful in which decade

What does ABBA mean in German?

ABBA was a Swedish pop band, it means nothing in German

Are the ABBA singers dead?

No, all four band members of ABBA are still alive.

Who is signed with ABBA?

The band known as ABBA dissolved in 1982 making it unnecessary to sign with them.

Is ABBA a good band?

Yes. Based on their international popularity, I would have to consider ABBA to be a good band. Personally I like "Dancing Queen".

What do the band members of ABBA look like now?

The Official International ABBA Fan Club has up to date info on the band members.

Where did the band ABBA originate?

Stockholm, Sweden

Music band ABBA is from?

I believe they are from Sweden.

When was ABBA band start?

They began in 1970.

Did band ABBA die in a plane crash?