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Where did the card suit Spades originate?

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The playing cards came from the old Tarot cards. The four suits are almost exactly the same as the four suits of the Tarot cards.

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What is the strongest suit in cards?

Spades is the strongest suit in many card games.

How many spades in a standard 52 card deck?

13 of each suit

What is the biker meaning of a 13 on a black spade?

13th card in that suit, Ace of Spades, Death Card.

What does 8 of spades mean?

In a pack of cards their are 4 suits, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades. Each suit has cards numbered 2 to 10 in it and an ace, jack, queen and king. The 8 of spades is therefore the number 8 card from the spade suit.

Why is the Ace of spades always fancy?

In colonial America the Ace of spades was where they placed the British tax stamp. __________________ It is also the card that shows when they package decks of cards, so they usually glam it up a little, and that is usually where you can find manufacturer information. In card games that recognize suit superiority, Spades is the highest suit, and the Ace the most powerful card, so it is representative of the "ultimate" card in some ways.

Which is the highest suite in the card deck?

The suit that has the highest ranking depends on the card game that is being played. In bridge and many other games, spades is the highest suit, but there are also card games that specify a different suit as highest ranking.

Is there a jack card that is also spade card?

There are four suits in a pack of 52 playing cards. Hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. Each suit contain a Jack, so the answer is yes, there is a Jack of Spades.

What is a stiff card?

In cards, especially Bridge, a "Stiff" card is a singleton of a suit. i.e. you only hold the Queen of spades - this is a Stiff Queen.

What suit ranks highest in bridge?

The highest ranking suit in bridge is spades. 'No Trump' ranks higher than spades in the bidding, but it is not a suit.

What does return in spades mean?

Return in Spades usually has 2 meanings that are similar. first Spades is a suit in the card deck and Spades are the Highest ranked suit. return in spades means the return is higher than what is put out or invested. you invest $200.00 but the return is in Spades $2000.00! however 'return in spades' usually means revenge. someone will return or pay back in spades to someone for something they did to them. let's say you sucker punch me in the face. i pay you back in spades by blasting you back in the face with a baseball bat. spades means you trump something or 'one up it' spades are always something 'higher.'

What is the highest card in spades?

In many card games the ace is considered the highest card in its suit, whether spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs. It is above the king. In those card games where aces are low, the king would be the highest card in each suit. Some games allow it to be high or low. Before playing a new card game or cutting cards, it is important to establish whether aces are going to be high or low!

How do you spell spedes?

The possible words are:speeds - goes fast, or multiple velocitiesspades - card suit, or digging shovels

How many spades on a ace of spades card?


Should you say spades is trumps or spades are trumps in the card game 500 and in bridge?

There are two ways of looking at it.If the question is - Which suit is trumps? What's trumps?The answer is - The suit named 'spades' is trumps. Spades is trumps.However, some people think of it as asking - Which cards are the trump cards?For them the answer is - The spade cards are the trump cards. Spades are trumps.The important thing is to never get into an argument about it, since both sides have a legitimate claim.

How do you respond to a convenient minor in bridge?

In the card game Bridge, a convenient minor can be opened if you have one of a suit and 13 points or more, or 5 cards of a major suit (hearts or spades). A response is possible if your partner also has cards in the same suit.

What is the crucial card in a game of hearts?

Queen of spades

When does a person follow suit when playing cards?

In card terminology a suit is the main identifier of a cards type. There are typically four suits in a given deck: Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts. In many card games you are required to follow the suit laid down before your turn. When it becomes your turn you must "follow suit" by laying down a number or face card of the same suit already on the table.

What is an ace of spades?

An ace of spades is one of the 52 playing cards in a standard set, with a single pip and the nominal value of 1, with the spades suit.

Which is the highest ranking suit in contract bridge?


What does 2 spades mean?

its a card in a card deck

Which royal flush suit is higest?

All the suits are the same. Edit: Unless you are playing a variant to 5 card poker. There are poker games in which the suit counts in case of an even hand. The highest suit in such cases is most often - if not always - Spades.

How many spades in a umbiased pack of cards?

13 spades in a 52 card deck.

What is the highest card in a pack of cards?

To tell which card in the deck is the highest, you have to know which card game is being played. In bridge and many other games, the ace of spades is the highest card. In other games either the king or the ace can be the highest card in a suit. The highest suit will also vary according to the rules of the individual game. Some games have all four suits equal, no suit higher than another. In that case there is no highest card.

Are there any poker games that the card suit can determand the winner?

Yes. A royal straight flush (10 - Jack - Queen -King - Ace) of spades beats a royal straight flush of any other suit.

How many spades in cards?

There are 13 cards in each suit.

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