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The tsunami came after the earthquake.

The earthquake happened in Japan.


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This earthquake happen in januray 22,2009

a earthquake happens whaen a plate moves that what happen when we had the christchurch earthquake happened.

Earthquakes can happen in the Philippines, Or China We Had An Earthquake In Canada Too...

what time of the day did th earthquake happen?

Earthquake mostly happen around the ring of fire, around the Pacific ocean.

An earthquake can happen anywhere. But some places are more active than others.

the sumatra earthquake happened in sumatra

A tsunami hit japan after the earthquake.

White Earthquake happened in 1995.

What happen is that there was an earthquake that was 8.9

The last Great Alaskan Earthquake was in 1964.

there was an earthquake then like a week later another earthquake

Haiti's earthquake happend in 2010.

the earthquake happened on27 of February

The earthquake happened on January Tuesday 12

It is impossible to predict when an earthquake will happen.

a fat man jumps up and dow and makes an earthquake

The plates moved so this can occur the earthquake.

It is 'technically' impossible to predict when an earthquake is going to happen.

The epicenter of the earthquake was offshore, close to Sendai, Japan.

The earthquake was a natural disaster and the tsuami was triggered by the earthquake.

Tectonic plates shifted, creating the earthquake.

Earthquake Game happened on 1988-10-08.

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