Where did the first sit ins for the civil rights movement take place?

According to the site I have indicated, and according to other Civil Rights web sites I have examined, the first sit-in of the United States Civil Rights movement occurred on 1 February 1960, when four Black students attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College, entered a Woolworth store in Greensburo, North Carolina to purchase some supplies. They then proceeded to the lunch counter in the store and asked to be served. They were refused service, as they expected. They were forced to leave when the store closed. According to the manager of the store, the first sit-in was not considered a history making event. He said, "They can just sit there. It's nothing to me." See the following for more information. www.watson.org/~lisa/blackhistory/civilrights-55-65/sit-ins.html http://hometown.aol.com/we4amhis/SubjectIndex.html http://www.teacheroz.com/20thcent.htm MrV